Phobia MTG 20% Time

Some, but probably not many of you have seen my recent discussion on my 20% time project for school. If you haven’t, I will catch you up:

-I was assigned a year long school project where I spend 20% of my class time (every friday) on a project of my choosing that can “help” people. (I put help in quotes bc its very generously used. One kid is remodeling his basement for his project)

-My project is to do research on phobias and to make MTG cards based on each phobia that I research and I have set up a blog on which I post at least once a week.

-While I have gotten some attention from people, I haven’t gotten much, and I want more. (Partially bc I was told that the project with the most media attention gets extra credit)

-So I ask that YOU, the Cardsmith Community help me out.

I know that you are probably wondering, “Hey, wasn’t this labeled as a Contest and Challenge?” And to you I say it was. This is bc in order to get more publicity, I have set up a competition:

I challenge each and every one of you to check out each of my blog posts, comment, remain invested in it! The reward for being the most contributive to spreading my publicity will be a like on each and every card that you have posted to date at the end of the school year and throughout the first 3 weeks of summer! Also to sweeten the deal, the most promotional/contributive Cardsmither will receive 3 months of premium membership!

If 2nd and 3rd are also particularly helpful, they will also receive premium membership; 2nd place for 2 months, and 3rd for 1!

The link to my blog is (i know that it isnt the best but the school required it to be in a specific format)

Feel free to have your friends promote as well on your behalf!

I will repost the link to the blog here every time I make a new post.

Sincerely, Wesley Ryan a.k.a. Ranshi922


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