Brace yourself. Winter is here - !Circuit Challenge!

Brace yourselves as the winter brings frost, snow and ice.
Now only the adapted will survive.

In this contest i want you to make cards that are set in a winter climate with corresponding abilities or effects.
It might be a card that brings the winter, a card that adapted to the winter or your own interpretation of a winter card.

image image image

The magic sets of Ice age and Coldsnap are good sources for inspiration.

- Create a winter or cold based card.
- The card needs some kind of ability or effect that refers to either winter, snow, ice, frost etc.

- No cards older than November this year.
- Max 5 entries per attender.
- General rules that is used by the forum and cardsmith (Keep it child-friendly.)
- Credit the artist OR provide a link with the source of the art.

First place: 3 Favorites of your choice and a follow and 1Circuit Point
Second place: 3 favorites of your choice and 3/4 Circuit Point
Third place: 2 favorites of your choice and 1/2 Circuit Point

Honorable mentions: 1 favorite and 1/4 Circuit Point

This contest ends 2nd of December

Good luck and have fun!


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