Vaguely Mentioned Legendaries Challenge (Closed for Entries)

Have you ever seen a card that names a creature or artifact in flavor text, but it is never turned into a card?

That is what this challenge is all about, Kari Zev's card mentions the Dragon's smile? Make it! Agarth is in Ixalan but has not been a card yet? Go for it! To enter, post the card you created and a link to the card that had mentioned it. This contest will end 11/21/2017 where i will pick the top 3 cards based on how well they represent what they should be with the given flavor.

3rd place will get 3 liked cards of their choice.

2nd place will get 5 liked cards

1st place will get 6 liked cards and a follow, if I already follow them, another like.

The rules are the very basic rules, add Cardsmith's commentary rules and we are fine. Also, each indevidual is only allowed 3 entries, so good luck and go searching!


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