Month of Giving Thanks (Make cards for other cardsmiths #200)

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Hi everyone! This completely original challenge is to make a card that exemplifies the personality or play style of a cardmaker on this site. Cards can be about cardsmiths themselves, but also can be their weapons, pets, spells, servants,,, whatever you want.


-Old cards aren't allowed.
-5 entries maximum
-Person who make the most cards wins. (If 3 persons make 5 cards, they are all 1st place.)
-1st place get 5 favorites, 2nd gets 3 favorites, 3rd gets 1 favorites.
-Funny/Unglued is ok.
-The card that is mean or disrespectful to the cardsmith will be reported.
-If you don't want to make the card on your account, just type the completed card idea on this thread. That also count as an entry.
-The end date is 12/01/2017
-Have fun

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