Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Two - *Circuit Challenge*

84 years ago, @Tomigon, @MrRansom, @AustinSmith and @Corwinnn started a project called TheMechanix. Now, its secret is revealed. It is where we organize all custom keyword mechanics posted to Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL.

For Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Two
We would like you to choose a custom keyword mechanic from THIS SET:
and make an incredible card that uses it.

In Mechanix Challenge Twenty Two, the focus is on Keyword Abilities -Activated
Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Two features mechanics from @dhaken, @Nanosaurus, @opcode_6e, @Credius, @liftinggravity, @Tomigon, @Bellycuss, @DeepSky, @NoahtheBoah36, @PhDJamessauce, @Flatfish, @Rednaxela and @touchstone

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, usefulness and flavor.

Limit of THIRTEEN entries max per person. New cards Only!
Deadline in 2 weeks: November 28th
*Top 3 winners will get a super amazing -TROPHY- and be added to -HALL OF FAME- !

This is also a Circuit Challenge for Season 4!
1st place - 1 Circuit Point
2nd place - 3/4 Circuit Point
3rd place - 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions - 1/4 Circuit Point


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