The Heavenly Host

Okay, so right now in the Just for Fun contests, there is a Demonic Takeover challenge. Demons are all well and good, and I even posted one there, but my passion in MTG has always been Angels. My EDH Kaalia Deck is almost entirely angels, and whenever I can fit an angel or two in a deck, I do it.

Angels are the glory of divine protection, who fight for all those in need. They fight with lifelink, vigilance, and other abilities far beyond mortal means. They protect others (Angelic Overseer), and mourn those who are dead (Angel of Flight Alabaster). However, angels are also war leaders (Aurelia) and battle masters (Akroma). They can be death bringers (Angel of Despair), and can fall to corruption (Wayward Angel). They can even be created by Eldrazi (Iona).

So, this challenge is to create an angel creature or angel based card (such as Angelic Destiny or Entreat the Angels). I will give bonus points for cards with some flavor text that tells something about the character. I only have 1 rule though - Please do no re-use are already on a MTG card. If I see Gisela's art on Cassandra, Fire Blade, or anything like that, I'll probably ignore the post (even if it's an amazing card). Deadline is Christmas Day, and I'll announce winners around New Year's. Feel free to post more here afterwards, but it won't count towards the contest rewards.

As for rewards... It's just for fun, but to give minor incentive.
1st: A follow and 4 favorites.
2nd: A follow and 2 favorites.
3rd: 2 favorites.
Honorable Mentions: 1 favorite.

Favorites will be your choice, or mine if you elect to let me decide. Each winner will also get the card they posted favorited as well.


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