Commander Sets (Closed for Judging)

So, currently wizards has not announced their next theme for the next commander sets.

So when I want you guys to make commander themes, and make 4-5 commanders for that theme.

Have fun smithing!

1st place: 5 favs of your choice and follow

2nd place: 4 favs of your choice

3rd: place: 2 favs of your choice

If I have already followed you then will ask for another fav from you.

P.S. cards to fav from your collection


  • Example: Children of Ravninca Guildmasters

  • If people send in set ideas, the contest will end December 8.

    If not enough submissions are submitted I will push the deadline back.
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    I will add something for this.
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    I just wanted to comment so I would come back to this thread later....which I made an entry!
  • Plz try not to use magic card art, although I will judge them I will think lesser of them. It tells me that you didnt put a lot of effort into finding the card art.
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    I'm planning on making a cycle of these guys for the contest--the concept is based on bounty hunters. They will all be in enemy colours, they will all have a cyclical ETB effect that rewards you for killing certain creatures. This one is the most open, but will be the least rewarding.

    Also, on your point about using M:tG art, I do try to avoid it right now. However, I believe that often times, Magic art is the best way to portray a concept given in a Magic card. I have searched for hours and had to force myself to use some confusing piece with a loose connection to my concept, all to avoid using official art. I understand where you're coming from, but there are times where it's nearly unavoidable.
  • Oh I don’t mind like legend and cryptids just like mtg art I agree that it is hard
  • I have no idea what you're trying to say...
  • Oh I prefer no mtg art but other game art is fine, really it is just akward for me seeing all these cards I know with their art being used in a user made card. Does that clarify?
  • Sure, but I don't see how that's relevant to anything I said. It doesn't matter, I should stop talking. I'm sorry for leading us on this tangent.
  • IS fine no harm done lol as long as the card is good art doesnt bother me as much
  • I do also mean balanced
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    Here's my entry for you @DoctorFro

    Alright, I needed make some new Legendary critters, took a moment come up with 5 I liked and worked with the concept I had in mind. I wanted do enemy wedge colors since magic sure as heck needs many more of those, especially for commander. I really liked the experience counter idea for commander 2015, and felt it needed to be revisited. I tried come up with new ways or tweak the existing means it's been used.

    War of the Masters: Five powerful beings sought to challenge each other, but they feared an all out fight would cause entirely took much destruction across the multi-verse. They opted to alter a lifeless world instead, preparing it for the conflict as they filled it with mana and inhabitants to due battle. They also created powerful avatars to lead their armies against each other when the time was right to do so.


    Master of Wrath: Karmak the Harbinger

    "We rise, you fall!"

    The Demonlord Karmak believes his power to exploit the destruction of others and summon his vast legions will ultimately spell doom for his fellow masters in this contest. He assumes a similar form to one he occupies in his native realm to lead his unholy army.


    Master of Creation: Tabbris, Unyielding Light

    "May the light shine forever!"

    Karmek and Tabbris have clashed for eons, as this grudge match goes back to the dawn of time. She has selected a form to fight as one of her followers as she leads an army of angels and fortifies them with her life giving magic, restoring them shortly after if they were to fall. She believes the power to create and endure will always outlast the forces of destruction.


    Master of Ruin: Vandala, Host of Havoc

    "Suffering is merely first step toward perfection."

    Vandala is a shapeless being that roams the multiverse ravaging worlds. The other masters hope this little contest may prove a way to contain her, even if for a time as she spreads like a virus. She chooses the form a hydra, as the one being in nature that grows and spreads the way she does when attacked.


    Master of Motion: Typhoonis, Grand Wave

    "Focus can clear a path through any obstacle."

    Once a mortal, Typhoonis sought enlightment and practiced martial arts to perfection. His ability to control waves extends over both time, rendering his foes motionless, and water as he creates massive waves wash away his enemies. He prefers to use means to remove threats rather than directly battle them head on. He choose the powerful Leviathan as an avatar to amply his nature strengths over his elements. He seeks to prove to the other masters his power is equal to any of theirs despite his far more humble beginings.


    Master of Might:Oamon, Primal Force

    "When reason fails, force prevails."

    Oamon is a massive titan that is too large to occupy most realms. His raw power shrugs off most spells, and he destroys anything that would be used as a crutch for himself or his opponent. He wants to battle with purely might against might to prove he is the strongest. He channels his savagery by commanding the form of a Colossal Beast to wage war against his foes.

    There is my entry and bios.

  • Honestly sorta confused about them creating avatars and the avatars being contained super beings roaming eh multiverse
  • U know what doesn’t matter bc is just extra fluff and the more detail the better!
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    Here is my entry. The theme is hidden alliances in a fantasy realm. Each commander is mono-color with a buff to a single race (Humans, Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, Orcs). However, each one also has Alliance, which allows you to have a second commander, face down, that doesn't get revealed until you actually use a spell in that second color. So, the King of Man lets your opponent know you have a White-Human deck, but depending on which commander he is allied with hides the actually style and color of the deck until such time it is required.

    Thematically, the concept is supposed to be a fantasy realm at war, with five factions vying for power. The player is allying two of those factions in secret, so when the battle occurs, only then does the enemy learn of the alliance.


    Orithas is the King of all of mankind. He rules his people with a strong military that protects humans from the strange magic of the other races by building up defensive walls of stone and iron. His people are wary to cross him due to the swiftness he dispatches any rival to the throne, but they respect him none-the-less as a fair but punitive leader. His starting deck is full of humans and wall creatures, as well as artifacts and sorcery spells. It is very light on instants however and has no enchantments.

    Aenea is a new Huntmistress of the elves. She recently took the role when her mother decided she'd had enough of the position and moved on. She is not a great hunter however, preferring the life giving magic of the forest to the bow and arrow of the hunter. As such, the elven military has been in decline, but their population and cities have flourished. This is a standard green elf ramp deck, but it doesn't ramp to strong beasts, rather to powerful enchantments that enhance the elves within it.


    Tifar has led his people out of their caves and mountains to the land beneath a sun. He is a strong leader who respects the opinions of his advisors as they forge a new life for Dwarven kind in cities built, and not carved. His people are the greatest blacksmiths in the land, and as such are better with equipment for it. The starting deck is heavy with equipment artifacts and cards that buff them.

    Alina is a newborn fairy that was granted matriarchy by other fairies because they don't want to rule, or have a ruler to pay attention to. She is struggling to unify the mischief causing fae as the other forces come down upon them. As such, she tries to channel their mischief to harm other races, and not themselves. This is a blue control deck that is sure to annoy everyone who plays against it.


    Krog destroys. Period. He killed the previous battlemaster, and killed all his challengers. He wants to lay waste to the world and remake it as an Orc haven. His strength and leadership has made orcs the most ferocious fighters in the plane, and as such some seek to ally with them instead of face them in battle. The starting deck would be full of destruction cards and orcs with negative effects for opponents who fight in combat.
  • My theme is villains. Like previous commander products, I'm introducing some new characters while also including a few recognizable ones.
  • What is the theme?
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    @DoctorFro (Your quote)
    "Honestly sorta confused about them creating avatars and the avatars being contained super beings roaming the multiverse"

    I am not sure how much comics you read, but abstract beings of crazy power levels are really common in that sort of thing. They often make wagers between each other and use mortals as pawns in contest (basically excuses for crossovers and fights that normally wouldn't happen.) Think of it as them basically creating avatars in a video game, as they are handicapping themselves. Like a game avatar it can't do everything you can, and is limited by the program it occupies. The avatars only contain a small % of their actual power, so they can fight and not destroy each and everything else doing so. Like Raiden entering Mortal Kombat, he isn't a full god doing so. (still seems like cheating if you ask me.)

  • Ah okay u said create so they are using replicas. Right?
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