War of the primordials

This is a set i'm working on with some friends. if you have any ideas please just post on this forum


  • Watcha got so far, and also we need more description
  • Okay
    War of the Primordials is set one the plane of Genesis (I am thinking of a better name) and there are 10 champions and 10 primordials, they are split up by two color combinations and I hope to have each color combination together. The primordials will have a corresponding challenger that will have the same color combination as them. each challenger will have a lieutenant in way that puts them into your hand from anywhere. the primordials and the challengers are supposed to represent the different ways that each combination can be played.
  • I will try to do something...if I have time to...I think.
  • Ok, do you have any mythos in mind? Like ancient civilisations and whatnot?
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