Making a Plane Together!

Ever wanted to make a set, with it's own Tribals and Planeswalkers? Well, so do I! and with the help of you guys, we can make the best plane! How this contest will work is:
It will split up into phases.
Phase 1a: Tribal (ideas)
giving 4 legendary creatures, each representing a different tribe
best 4 will be represented into phase 1b
Phase 1b: Actually making the tribals
Reinforcing the best tribals from phase 1a
Phase 2: Noncreature Spells.
Phase 3: Plansewalkers.
Phase 4: Some dumb twist nobody expected.
Is the sun secretly a sliver god? maybe.
Phase 5: An unbeatable combo that needs to be banned.



  • Tribe 1: We should do people who return cards to your hand or like you get benefits for countering your own board wipe, and they are praising a god who is never happy so they are never pleased with their work. The few times the god is happy is when the spell countered by you or killed your own creature, etc.

    I can work on it when I have time later or tomorrow
  • Phase 1a is commencing! here is my suggestion to get the ball rolling!
    Make sure your tribals have:
    a new mechanic,
    and if you make 4 tribals, have all 5 colors.

  • awesome suggestion DoctorFro!
  • I've already got a ton of cards made for a tribal set, but it's already a different thing. Every interesting tribe I could think of is already in the Deshkar Tribal Soup. I'm sorry that I can't add much of anything here.
  • NokiSkaur that's a shame, but thanks a lot for checking out my post!
  • No worries. I might be able to help with mechanics and building off of other people's ideas, so I guess 'no help' was an exaggeration.
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    well then, looking forward to seeing you soon!
  • Here is an example:
  • This could be a common but most cards will have more of a benefit.

    SHould I add a not on card rule that is you can only worship with one creature per card
  • @DoctorFro

    That can be errata text, and yes. Use Extort as an example. It had an effect whenever you cast a spell, and you had to activate it for each creature. However, you can't spontaneously create copies of a card for earch creature worshipping it, so it should only be a 'One Worship per card' kind of thing.
  • Okay I will make a card that describes the rules of of the ability or something or makybe type it up on a word doc the screenshot it
  • Do we have any other themes/tribes yet
  • If we want to set this further apart from Ixalan as a four-faction tribal set, I'd suggest wedge-coloured main factions with ally-coloured minor factions.
  • The Worship tribe will be Esper colors
  • If we use worship tribe
  • @DoctorFro

    Why can't it be in Sultai colours?

    I do have a way that the format could be different from Ixalan, but still four-faction. Esper, Temur, Selesnya, Rakdos. This gives a different format, while still allowing Worship to be in Esper. However, I feel like Worship would be a better mechanic in a different shard or wedge. That's just me...
  • Nah because Sultai is graveyard oriented

    Esper works bc:
    White-Black: God stuff like rituals and life
    Blue: Shuffling
    Blue-Black: Benefits from weird stuff
    Black: See Blue-Black
    White: Semi lifegain and the other is big creatures
  • Personally why dont we develop mechanics and se where they fit
  • @DoctorFro

    Sure, and Esper is control oriented. Sultai works better with Worship mechanically because there is more of a focus on steep maba curves in green than in white.
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    How does this card look for UB?

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    discover clan

  • The enchantment seems fine I just didnt get it at first
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    Worship clan

  • That is the art for Sphinx's Revelation I advise against it bc some people, including me, notice that that is the card ergo that is Isperia.
  • Also we can add some Sphinxes to the worship tribe? maybe?
  • @shadow123 The sultai colors with discover, which is a cool mechanic, should not only be druids.
  • First off we should assign roles? Right?
  • We like UBG colors, so I'm in for whatever
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