LOTR Maiar critique

Hey guys,

I'm working on a custom LOTR set. Just got the Maiar/Wizards cycle done. would love to hear what you all think. Constructive criticism is appreciated!




  • I know relatively little about the Maiar, but I do have a couple of suggestions.

    First of all, the Wizards are technically a sub branch among the Maiar and are known as the Istari. In addition, the two other wizards are known as Alatar and Pallando, also known as the blue wizards. It would also be nice if they all followed a similar format, like the gods of Theros or Amonkhet.

  • the ainur is the race of "gods" which are divided into the valar (the actual gods) and the maiar (their students). i fully intend to create other generic maiar and wizards for the set.

    i wanted a wizard for each color. the problem is alatar and pallando (i used their alternative names, which are theorized to be their actual names with alatar and pallando being more of a nickname or title). alatar being blue is fine, but thats leaves the other "blue" wizard to be red so i did the best i could. cannonically, pallando goes off with the easterlings on some mission and is theorized to have started a magical cult amongst them. thats where i was going with that.

    As for giving them a format similar to the gods... i intend to make the valar so those would be the gods.
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