Under-loved Tribes of MTG

I'm a sucker for unique decks that focus on Tribes that aren't the mainstream and popularly focused Tribes of MTG, and after 2017's Commander edition decks I really dove deep into Tribal Commander. My all time favorite under loved tribe is Demons (obvious by my card creations) but I have also been recently starting to make cards for other under loved Tribes of MTG.

So that being said, this contest is to make a Commander for an Under-loved tribe of MTG. It does not have to focus the tribe itself (though it will help you in the long run for judging if it does) but needs to fit all of the Commander criteria of being a legendary creature, must fit the tribe you want it to apply to, and must include at least most of the mana symbols used by that particular tribe.

This contest will last through the end of the year and I will judge around the first week of January.

(also please be original with art, I understand that officially used MTG art is usually great, but we're trying to create original cards here)

Three winners will be chosen and each will get a follow from me and 3 likes of his/her choice!

To begin here are two Commanders I have, one for Demons, the other for Wurms!




  • May we choose a tribe, we think of as under-loved?
  • ? If so then I have a ton! How many entries?

    Sidenote: Commander is my favorite format so this will be fun!
  • Which tribes are considered under-loved?
  • Either his or our own opinion like can I do wizards bc eventhough they got a deck I feel like they are not loved. If not our opinion can u post a list so we know what we can pick from.
  • fungus ):
  • sad face why
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    Those are some bad rats! ...or are they? XD (Edited)

  • I will say that each person can make 4 entries, same amount as Commander decks released. And as long as it's not one of the key tribals, such as the ones used this year for Commander and such I will count them, the more obscure or less used they are, the better chances of winning
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    @DoctorFro while I would say I agree with your assessment about Wizards being somewhat under-loved, I also can't really consider them totally under-loved considering they did get a deck haha
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    Yay, Rats are back baby! Woohooo...
  • I should also mention, you can make a Commander that is of the same tribe as another player's entry, give as much love for those unloved tribals as possible! XD
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    Also a little tidbit of fun for y'all, there are two tribal types that also share a special place in my heart with Demons (they do not appear in my created cards yet) and if any of you figure them out I'll give a bonus like to any one card of your choice, so long as you're the first one to make a Commander for one of them
  • So, he's a Wizard, but he creates fungus...sort of.

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    I got 4 entries for you.

    The tribe that really needs all the help it can get... Atogs! This not a commander, since the Atogatog, has that covered, but they definitely need some extra lords. The idea is this Atog eats nothingness, so cards from Exile are it's food.


    I made 5 new commanders for a different topic, 3 of them I felt were from creature types that don't see much love. (Demons and Angels, the other 2 do just fine.)

    There's not a ton of Legendary Hydras


    or Beasts lords...


    Or Legendary leviathans

  • If there are any more dog types tell me
  • @lastjustice got one of my other favorite tribals Leviathans although I never knew of red Leviathans haha, so let me know what card you would like liked. And I just realized that TECHNICALLY my other favorite tribal is only in the specific name but is a type of beast for a hint for you all
  • @doctorFro I like the Pack ability, it fits the creatures types
  • image
    By the way, the last part on the ult is commander allowance.
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    First entry:

  • @Mila commanders are supposed to be legendary creatures, unless otherwise specidfied by the card
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    @Valoth , favorite the leviathan then, I prefer people favorite cards of mine they genuinely like first and foremost. As for it being red, well it's Jeskai colors, which fits the backstory of the character.
  • @DoctorFro sorry, I didn't get the commander-part. blease forget about this entry.
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  • @CKNG I see you're focusing the Fungus tribe, but where's the commander?
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