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shadow123 and Happy567 custom mechanic challenge

Hi participants! There are very few rules to this challenge:

- Use the mechanics provided
-five entries per person
-deadline is December 19
-credit the artist(not required)

Winners will receive:

First: 7 favorites and a follow
Second: Five Favorites
Third: Three Favorites
Honorable Mention/ Artwork: One favorite


  • Mechanics are:

    Happy567 and I created these mechanics:

    Roar (Creatures that fight or block this creature become tapped and do not untap during their next untap step.) by Happy567

    Discover {cost} ({cost}: Draw a card for each creature on the battlefield that does not share a creature type with this creature.) by Shadow123

    Elder Circle - Each upkeep, as long as you control 3 or more creatures with the ability Elder Circle, (effect) by: Shadow123

    Divination (Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, you may draw a card.) by: Shadow123

    Reanimation N {cost} ({cost}: Put the top N cards of your library into your graveyard, then put N creatures from your graveyard onto the battlefield tapped.) by: Shadow123

    Fateweaver N(Put N fate counters on target creature, remove a fate counter from each creature that has one or more fate counters each upkeep.)

    Name Cycling {cost} ({cost}, Discard this card: Name a card, then search your library for all cards with that name and put them into your hand.) by Happy567

    Dive(Creatures with dive cannot be blocked by creatures without dive.) by Happy567
  • @shadow123
    It's better to use the community feedback given first, rather than immediately move to a challenge/contest.
  • Ok, should I make an announcement?
  • Of what? I'm not a mind reader.
  • To see if I should make this contest.
  • You could just revise and/or replace the keywords, then re-start the contest.
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