Wild Gnomes

The challenge is simple, create one card or more based on the story below. It would be good if it uses Outcry, Last hope, wild tokens or any mechanics I created in this set: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/HeroKP/sets/25771 , but if you know something to add to it, that would be just as great. I don't ever plan to close this for entries, but I will be tallying the results each week, and there will be a winner each saturday (Starting Saturday the 9th December 2017). Cards will be rated by: Creativity, Innovativeness and Balance/Playability.

Have fun! Here's the story:
All along, there was a plane inaccesible to Planeswalkers or Gods, not even speaking of mere mortals. It was called Oblivion. Strange spirits and raw matter inhabited it. But on one fateful day, the gates of Oblivion opened to Shandalar. Raw matter poured in and took the form of gnomes. These were tricky creatures who quickly took over a HUGE forest massive knows as "the dark wood". They also had a unique trait: When they came of age, they could merge with a forest creature to gain some of it's abilities and appearence. Their only planeswalker, and leader, was Daedrica The Magnomus.

That's it! Enjoy the challenge!


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