Custom Kingdoms Contest (CLOSED)


Hey guys! So, I've been working on a variation of the kingdoms, which is a varitation of commander/EDH (How to play at bottom), where, instead of just having Knights, Bandits, and the King, each role has a bunch of different cards of their own that give you a unique effect. I'll include some of my cards for power level comparisons.

Rule 1: The card must be a conspiracy, and have the right card type. They can be Bandit, Knight, King, Archenemy, or it can just be blank (for other).
Rule 2: The card must be the right color for the right card type. If it's a Bandit, it's red. If it's a Knight, white. King, gold(multicolor). Archenemy, black. Other, land.
Rule 3: All kings must have :"You begin the game with this revealed. You begin the game with 50 life and the monarchy"
Rule 4: There is no limit to entries, I encourage you to enter as much as possible!
Rule 5: The contest will (probably) end by December 28. If there aren't enough entries, I'll push it back, though.
Rule 6; Cards must have the cardsmith set and by of mythic rarity.

Power Level
Here are three cards of each card type for power level.






1st: 5 favorites of your choice and a follow.
2nd: 3 favorites of your choice and a follow.
3rd: 2 favorites of your choice and a follow.
4th: 1 favorite of your choice and a follow.
5th: a follow.

I'll also be checking out the profiles of any card I really like, and give out favorites to any cards I like!

How to play Kingdoms
Basically, this is a variant for 5+ players. You will need, in addition to a deck for each person, and the "kingdom" cards you will be making.

Randomly pass out one or more cards to each player (I like 2-3), face down. Each group of cards has to be the same type, and there has to be one king, and the same number of knights and bandits. If there's an even number, you can fill in the gap with an other/archenemy card (both of these should be shuffled together, so that you don't know if there's an archenemy in the game). Each player chooses one of their cards to be.

King: The king wins when all bandits are dead.

Knight: The knight should protect the king. The knight also wins when all bandits are dead.

Bandit: The bandit wins when the king is dead. The number of remaining knights isn't relevant.

Other: These have special goals, normally stated on their cards. If they have a teammate, they win when the teammate wins.

Archenemy: The archenemy wins when all other players are killed. All other players win when the archenemy is dead, so other players should team up to kill him, no matter previous rivalries, or card types.

The game begins by the King revealing himself, and going first. The most fun part about this variant is that it completely changes the politics--previous games and grudges rarely enter in.


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