Floating Island Set

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Though I have lost interest in Magic in the past couple of months, mostly cause of how expensive it is, every now and then I have ideas for cards for a set that I want to make. But I feel like I would never have enough ideas for cards to construct a whole set.
So I have come to you guys for help.
My ideas for story:
World of floating islands, that only the dragons can travel between. There are islands of complete forests, some of water, some of rocks and caves, everything. These islands can differ in sizes, between the size of Oran Rief to the size of an apartment.
The flat ground that the islands float over is inhabited by the undead, mostly skeletons.
Garruk comes to the plane, hoping to find a place to hide from the other Planeswalkers,
Sarkhan comes, in search for a dragon worthy of his worship,
Nissa comes, simply traveling through planes after Zendikar was destroyed.
Dragons-All colors
Tell me if anyones interested. If so I'll make an account. Thanks!


  • Maybe...but currently I am really busy with schoolwork bc finals week is soon and my teachers are dumping tests on us
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    Small problems--one, is this going to be a tribal set? If not, it would be better to show creature types in relation to the colours. Also, isn't Garruk still corrupted? Wouldn't he actively be hunting other planeswalkers? Final thing, wouldn't it make more sense for Nissa to be transported to this plane as a result of Bolas? These are just things to think about--I am in no way a lore expert.
  • Nissa plabeswalked our of the fight he let all escape except for Jace
  • @DoctorFro

    Alright. I was told that they all got transported to random planes as a result of the fight. That was my mistake.
  • No only Jace did...I am a total geek and read all the lore.
    Lilliana is basically his slave, but she is not under mind control.
    And he let the other three escape.
    Nissa is relatively fine, but Chandra and Gideon are pretty much planeswalking fine. If they had stayed longer they would have been goners.
  • @DoctorFro

    Alright. I understand.
  • Well I guess we can say he is hunting instead of hiding from the planes walkers on this plane?
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    Set made for constructed play, not drafting
    182 cards,
    26 cards per color-(Per color = colors, multicolored, artifacts and lands.)
    For colored and multicolored cards:
    5 sorceries
    5 enchantments
    6 instants
    10 creatures
    (Baseline; This will differ between colors.)
    Per color:
    2 mythics
    6 rares
    9 uncommons
    9 commons

    Tell me if this sounds ok
  • You should bump with some of the artwork you find. You also might want to post some card examples to gather attention.
  • @ThyMaster I have an idea: We could make the mojo of this set thinking WAY forward, and create cards like this: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/secluded-haven
  • @ThyMaster
    The image on @HeroKP 's card gives me an idea for the basic plot of the set.

    The dragons have ruled the plane for centuries, oppressing the various peoples and keeping them trapped on their islands and island chains. But one day, a daring human inventor secretly designed a vessel that could sail through the air. He showed the design to his tribe on their island. Fearing the dragons' wrath, his kin exiled him, and he fled on his airship to a remote, barren island over weeks of island-hopping. During that time, he made several allies among the people he visited, including Nissa, who was protecting a group of elementals. On his secluded island, the inventor tinkered away, improving his airship design, making it faster, more agile, and more efficient. He began to stir up revolution, spreading his airships throughout the land, until finally the people were ready to rise up agains the tyranny of dragons.
  • @HeroKP Amazing card, and I love the thinking ahead theme.
    @MagicChess I love it. It will definitely be used.
    @everyone who is interested, I will make an account. But I need a name first. What should the set be called?
  • @ThyMaster

    Maybe we could call it... I dunno... Aeria?
  • I'd love to contribute, You said the dragons kept humans trapped right? Perhaps make a new land type: Dungeon. And make all the instants trap subtypes!

    And this is just a suggestion for a new named ability KoK. Acronym for king of kings that only legendaries and dragons invoke. The ability works as whenever this card comes into play and there is another legendary in play with an equal or greater converted mana cost, add WGBUR to your mana pool.
  • @HeroKP It will be used. Mind if I edit the wording?
  • I hate to ask this of you guys, but does anyone have an email to use for the account?
  • @ThyMaster I don't mind

    I'm sorry, I don't have an email, but I could make one? But it's better if we use someone's premium account, because then we don't have to make it from the account
  • I would gladly help you! I started a set of my own a while back with a theme story and everything but making it all alone was SO tedious and very few of my friends were hyped for it so i kinda gave up but i would gladly participate in a team effort !! You can look at some of my cards i made (lot of them were for some contest). also do you want new mechanics like a standalone set of just use evergreen keywords like a M16 block for example.

    Heres a card i feel could be used!
    the effect worded properly takes up such much space it kinda ruins it


    another wording could be used to avoid WALL of text but it feels much less realistic in my opinion

    When Furwinged Dragon enters the battlefield, choose one.
    -Search your library for a mountain card, then deal 3 damage to target creature without flying
    -Search your library for a forest card, then deal 3 damage to target creature with flying
    -Search your library for a basic land card
  • @icyyou Welcome aboard!

    I don't think the wording ruins it, I think it is actually best on what is written on the card.
    I think walls of words add feeling to the card
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    So I would like to help, I just made this as the B/G Garruk, it may be overpowered but I do like powerful cards, and if you are gonna pay 5 mana, it better do something.

    Also, I love dual color cards so If it's possible I would like to dedicate myself to design dual color things.


    If you think it is too powerful, I can make another a little weaker, Im glad to recibe comments and ideas!

  • @Scar-Rin-Grey It looks great!
    @Everyone What if we did multiple sets of dual lands, instead of the regular 5 per set?
  • We should take a look at who's in the "team" and split the work ... obviously is anyoone ever joins in we will spare them some of our work load. we need to decide on the mechanic we want(if we want some) but for the most part having the rarity and color distribution figured out helps.

    Also i like the garruk but planswalker often feel like their ability fit into the "story". Garruk should feel like an hermit in this case since all he wants is hide from the other planewalker. as of now it feels like others should be fleeing. if ThyMaster likes it its cool but, since planewalker carry a heavy load of story, the card should feel like its driven by lore.

    Also his -8 should have the "Under Your control" at the end.

    I dont mean to sound rude or anything just want to help you. I like the card non the less the abilities feels fresh and new but it could use some more story. keep up the good work!

    and since im posting heres another card just for fun.

  • @icyyou Nice card! And I see your point with Garruk.
  • As long as we are starting to sort ourselves out, I'm in, and I want to take the humans and serpents, if you do not mind
  • @HeroKP sounds good.
  • @icyyou you're right, I will make another Garruk that fits better the lore, keep it up guys!
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