What Lurks In The Deep **Circuit Challenge** Winners Posted

Hey, itcha gurl, East2West. I was looking around the MTG database and I saw that Blue is really missing out on big creatures. There's the occasional Kraken or Octopus but they usually come with drawbacks that make them unplayable. This contest is to see who can make the best giant blue creature card.

-Must have power and toughness 4 or over
-Must be either mono or dual colored. No tricolor
-Must be a creature
-New cards would be preffered

First- Follow, 1 Circuit Point and 6 faves of my choice
Second- 3/4 Circuit Point and 4 faves of my choice
Third- 1/2 Circuit Point and 2 faves of my choice
Any Honorable Mentions- 1/4 Circuit Point

I'll end this contest on December 13th. Enjoy

Edit:The name of the contest actually matters to your entries, they shouldn't be human but creatures from the ocean itself.

Thanks to Corwinn for editing this to make it a Circuit while I was sick over the weekend <3


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