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Well this was dumb


  • I thought you were gonna say this guy...
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  • Stop beating that dead anime chick.
  • Ah, Phyrra Nikos. Died to accomplish ultimately nothing but tug at the heartstrings of some. I mock my friends about her death scene all the time.

    @Corwinnn Is that Wayne Gretzky?
  • I never watched this Anime, but just poking my head into this topic and doing a quick search, yeah people really got upset when she died. I wouldn't have been surprised at all given her name freaking means Pyrrhic victory. Like in G Gundam, Schwarz Bruder, I wasn't too surprised by his real identity as his fairly transparent name if you know even the slightest german. (and it's a pretty typical anime thing make a mysterious character the older brother of the hero, like with Racer X and Protoman.)
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