Month of Friendship - Group hug/co-op Contest!



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    Does this count?

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    This is what the card creator actually believes lol.
    You know you'll think of this :P
  • I am finally back at my main computer after the christmas break.
    I will shortly start to judge this contest but just slightly.
    I will however not conclude the contest until next weekend so i will move the deadline to the 12th.
    So you have one more week to submit new entries.
  • Here's my 1st entry:
  • 2nd entry:
  • My final entry:
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    Im a big EDH player so obviously I made a legendary creature.

  • This contest ends in 8 hours.
  • this contest is now closed. it may take some days to evaluate the results.
  • I have finally put out my thumb from my fist and erased the L from my forehead.
    Have just started my master thesis project so my mind have been rather occupied the last week but now i am ready to present my conclusion.

    First to the honorable mentions:
    @sorinjace - Eldrox, the Fire King
    Fire away!

    @Lastjustice - Megaton MCX
    Some minor writing errors but very Interesting concept.

    @Tomigon - Who's the Best Santa?
    I have read this card more times times than i have followers and it sill confuses me a bit. I love the "pseudo gambling" part of the card where you can offer better cards for a chance to draw cards.

    Now for the top 5!

    4th place:
    @Lastjustice - It That Betrays No one
    Yes Mammoth Kraken Angel thing, I will be your friend.
    I'll assume that the controller choses whom gets control of this creature when multiple players are attacked. A good friend takes stand up for you, A great friends takes a bullet for you. A Mammoth Kraken Angel friend takes a nuke to the face for you and then procceds to take nukes for others. A truer hero has never been mentioned.

    3rd place: @Faiths_Guide - Cleansing Constructs
    The combination of surge and energy counters feels like they fit together perfectly in this card. Like said many times before, simple but elegant. effective and powerful. not too powerful though as it demands energy but that is a small price to pay for effectiveness.

    2nd place: @TenebrisNemo - Barnett, the Challenger
    Barnett is presented as a group hug card. However in a group hug situation the other play will when getting control of him try to get rid of him and thus preventing futher rivalry until he returns unless the other creature is dealt with before.
    Where he shines however is in co-op. Here he will not be sent on some unnecessary suicide misson. Sharing is caring and when two players can effectively attack with the best creature from one of them during both of their combat steps there is alot of care to be taken.
    So Barnett works well as a rival but really shines as a partner.

    Winner of the group hug: @Tomigon - Gold Mine
    I have found a gold mine and I am willing to share it with all of you but I alone have the efficiency to make more than just gold.
    The gold mine gives all players an opportunity to gain extra man for a very small cost but for those with the synergy the gold mine gives so much more. This is an excellent and balanced card for group hug scenarios but the fun thing is that it is a monster in a planned co-op match where both teamates have decks with good ETB synergy. With it's upsides the mine can also be a little risky if played against the wrong deck, that is a deck that can destroy the mine when the valuable creatures are mining.

    Winner of the Co-op: @TenebrisNemo - Amira, Daugther of Seas
    Amira does not look like much at first sight however where many other co-op cards have a plain and simple benefit of just having a teammate. Amira demands a little more from both her controller and the teammate as her power lies in synergy.
    "birds of a feather stick together" lies very true in Amira. If played together with a deck built around a dynamic play of non-creature spells she gives and is given a large benefit. She is also great against decks of similar style but that is more of a hidden potential more than a powerful counter.

    @Tomgion and @TenebrisNemo
    * The top position should give a follow but I already follow both of you so to compensate for this i will let you decide another cardsmith which I should follow instead (if you know of anyone for me to follow that is)
    * You have the choice of 3 favorites, these cards may be any card, yours or others.
    You also have 2 favorites to gift others. You may mention specific cards for me to favorite made by others or just a smith where i decide from amongst their cards.
    * You may also choose an honorable mention.

    Second place: 5 favorites of your choice. (2 additional since I already follow you)
    Third place: 3 favorites of your choice.
    Fourth place: 2 favorites of your choice.

    Honorable mentions: 1 favorite

    Thank you all for your entries. It has been very interesting to see so many different interpretations of group hugs and co-op mechanics and abilities.
  • Darn! I always show up too late...
  • Why thank you @Tomigon :D
    So I took 3rd and got an HM? 4 favorites, @Jonteman93?
  • Tomigon's choice of honorable mention:
    @Faiths_Guide - Kita, Party Host
    Excellent card for a more chaotic form of group hug where everyone gets a piece of the cake. A cake which of course is baked from a specific hot recepie made by Kita's controller so that he or she gets the best slice.

    As answer to your question Faith, HM gives a favorite of my choice and 3rd place gives 3 favorites of your choice.
    So you have 4 but 3 to choose how you want :)
  • Awesome, thank you @Jonteman93.
    (Just FYI on Kita, you don't get to pick "a slice." As they are shuffled and chosen face down, nobody knows what white elephant present they'll get until it's opened.)

    Cool! Congrats other @Winners and other @Mentionables. Thanks for the contest!

    Fave this, this, and anything else from here?
  • @Faiths_Guide oh yeah, what i meant by my very out of place sentence is that with a good constructed deck you can eliminate most things that you don't want others to put into the cake and thus you'll get the highest expected value out of it. If that makes more sense.

  • @Jonteman93
    Cool, just clarifying XD
  • Neat! Thank you for this contest, @Jonteman93. Congratulations to other winners and honorable mentions as well!

    Since I won the 2nd place from group hug and the 1st place from co-op, do I have a total of... 10 favorites plus 2 to gift others? Whoah!

    I would like you to follow @Elmariachi17.

    My choice of a honorable mention would be @Gelectrode's Faceless Martyr.
  • @TenebrisNemo, thanks for nominating my card!
  • thank you for the honorable mention! that's my 1st one, I am happy yay. lol It's not easy to get any kind of mentions in contests, so thank you for this cool contest! congrats to the winners as well and other honorable mentions!
  • TenebrisNemo's choice for honorable mention:
    @Gelectrode - Faceless Martyr
    A really flavorful and legit protection card in black that let you water down removal spells and/or increase the power of removal spells when the boardstate is correct.
    In terms of group hug, The martys is more like an anti-group hug which in its own way can be seen as a kind of group hug. "group slap?"
    I want to play this and slap all my friends. I just need to find some friends first...
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    @Jonteman93 - Please fave these two. They lost a fave some time ago and I wish you to fill those empty voids.

    Then fave these four, please.

    I would like to give away three faves to any cards @Mila has.

    And the last three faves to any cards @modnation675 has.
  • @TenebrisNemo Thank you so much!
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