Deshkar--Some Sort of Tribal Thing.

Hello, everyone. I really hope I don't give up on this and scrap it in place of something else, but knowing me... That's very likely to happen.

If you read the title, you saw that this was meant to be 'Some sort of tribal thing,' which it certainly is. This set is intended to be a shard-based plane with five tribes until the next set (hopefully) happens. Each tribe is intended to have a mechanic and a subtheme unique to it. For example, each tribe will scry, but the Esper Zombies archetype is the only one with a scrying subtheme.

With that said, I have focused most of my attention towards the Khalgut--a faction of Zombies. I need help figuring out how everything should fit together in the other tribes.


My current mechanics are...

Inspiration {Cost}: At the beginning of any player's combat phase, you may cast this card for its Inspiration cost. If you do, {Beneficial effect}.
This was made for a Bant Cats archetype, attempting to emulate royalty or military prowess. This archetype has a combat-trick subtheme

Psychosis -- At the end of combat on your turn, you may flip a coin. If you win the flip {Beneficial effect}. If you lose the flip, sacrifice this creature.
This was made for Esper Zombies. I understand that it's off-colour, but games of chance feel like they could be secondary in Blue. This archetype has a scrying subtheme.

Bounty Counters: When this creature dies, {Symmetrical effect based on number of counters}.
This was made for a Grixis Rogues archetype. This archetype has no subtheme yet, though sacrifice is being considered.

Consume N (Name subject to change): When this creature enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of creatures with total toughness N or greater. If you do, {Effect}.
This was made for Jund dragons, trying to emulate their sheer brutality. This mechanic is more black than red, but it could fit well in each. This archetype has no subtheme yet.

Naya Humans will have Explore as a mechanic, though there is no subtheme yet.


Overall, I have a decent idea of what I'm working with. Problems arise when I look at each colour in a tribe and ask 'What is this specifically doing?' Mechanics were built with each colour collectively in mind, but each colour needs to have its own place in the tribe. Zombies and Cats have been mostly figured out, but that's where I feel I need the most help otherwise.

Anyway, sleep well, and keep existing.


  • Here's my first impression:

    - It sounds complex. All your mechanics have varying effects and your word count is high. I would take Tarkir as a model: mix ability words, keyword abilities and action words and keep them on the simple side if that many mechanics have to coexist.

    - Inspiration: I'm not sure I understand that idea, do you have an example?

    - Psychosis: It sounds very frustrating. I'd suggest building upon the lessons of Unsets on randomness and take a more modern approach: You always get something, only the size of it vary.

    - Bounty counters: I was expecting something like Mathas, Fiend Seeker with that name, not a counter you put on the creature itself.

    - Consume N: Did you mean TOTAL toughness? If so, I find it really cool :)

    - How much of everything should be in each colour: Well it's actually quite easy, you should go dig up the skeleton of Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir and just reproduce that with your own themes ^^
  • @Ningyounk

    Inspiration is similar to Evoke, except the creature stays, you may only activate it at the beginning of combat, and the effect isn't there without Inspiration.

    Many of the Psychosis creatures will have an effect when they die, and many will also have high rewards that make up for the high risk.

    I didn't know about Mathas when I first made the mechanic. I don't think he was spoiled yet... I can rename the counters to something else.

    Yes, I did mean total toughness. Thanks for the fix.

    Do you know anywhere that I can get the Alara design skeletons? If so, that would be very helpful.
  • Not to sound critical, but... “jund Dragons” is literally what jund was. Their top end was dragons.
  • @Lujikul

    I understand that. It just doesn't feel right to just say 'Jund' if we aren't on Alara.
  • Consume sounds a lot like devour and devour is literally jund dragons
  • @NokiSkaur

    - Oh I see, the Inspiration cost would actually be higher, I was picturing the opposite I don't know why ^^ I like the idea =)

    - I'm affraid WOTC doesn't actually release set skeletons, but you can easily deduce it by looking at the final card file. Just count how many cards they put in each colour and rarity (which is especially important in a tricoloured faction set to decide how many common multicoloured cards you want for instance.) You can then count how many cards they put for each faction in each colour/rarity combination ;)
  • @DoctorFro

    We know. We understand. You don't need to keep letting me know that one thing is like another thing, but with a few changes. The dragons tribe is the least original tribe I have, given that humans doesn't resort to populate and do nothing with it. We know the similarities between this and Jund--stop telling me about them, please.

    I'm sorry if I sound especially bitter right now. I'm tired, and I just want to establish early that I understand the similarities and don't need to be reminded. Even though you were mentioned,this wasn't all directed at you.
  • @Ningyounk

    Alright. I'll see if I can find the time. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Oh sorry, I didn't realize that you knew. I don't think it is a huge issue just as long as you incorporate another idea.

    So sorry that I upset you that was not my intention. :)
  • @DoctorFro

    The biggest similarities I see are that it's an ETB Sac mechanic with an N value. This is much more versatile on its own, and it helps encourage keeping your smaller creatures as fuel rather than consistent power. It also helps get rid of less impactful large creatures while rewarding you for it.
  • These are the current cards in the Deshkar set. I have a rough checklist of cards--a very basic, 240 card skeleton (130 Commons, 65 Uncommons, 35 Rares, and 10 Mythics).

    Most of my focus is on the Khalgut, so I only have a few cards outside of Zombies.
  • Do you guys have any ideas about the mechanics or subthemes?
  • Hmm, based on your mechanics, there could be some sort of graveyard subtheme maybe? Three mechanics revolve around death/sacrifice while the fourth one encourage combat, where creatures naturally go to die. The main theme being tribal, you could care about creature types in the graveyard for instance.

    For the Naya mechanics, a mechanic smoothing your draws wouldn't hurt the set, especially if it mills you in the process if you want to consider the graveyard subtheme. You could straight up re-use Explore for instance.
  • @Ningyounk

    That would also work with the flavour of the plane. I'm intending for it to have just gotten out of an apocalypse, so Exploring a recently ravaged world could easily be implemented.
  • @ningyounk
    Mathas is so great!
  • I've added a couple cats to the set. Also, if anyone would like to throw ideas at me, I'm welcoming any suggestions.
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