Plane of the Living Dead Homebrew Art

Hello! I'm a new guy on the site and hard at work making cards for a homebrew set (which I will hopefully release and draft on Untap) called Plane of the Living Dead. However, I could use some help putting together art for cards (Would you believe how hard it is to find good Eldrazi art? Me neither.). So I'm going to post the artless cards here, and if you have a picture or know of one or find one that would work, would you post it below? Thanks!


  • Supplybox Scuttler
    Creature- Eldrazi Crab
    {t}: Draw a card.
  • Grasping Branchbug
    Creature- Eldrazi Drone
    Reach, Protection from Flying
  • Crossbow Creeper
    Creature- Eldrazi Scorpion
    {t}: Deal 1 damage to target creature
  • Wastebasin Lurker
    Creature -Eldrazi Drone
    Whenever an opponent draws a card, you may look at that card.
  • @UserSaysWhat, welcome to MTGCardsmith! First question: are the {w} symbols White mana or colorless "waste" mana?
  • {w} means white in this case. For Colorless cards, I'll use {C}. Yes, I know that's a little weird, but it'll make more sense once I get the cards made and the story comes out
  • Hello there! Welcome to MTGCS I am willing to help you look for art for this set. I must ask, though, what are the archetypes you intend to have in this set?
  • Suggestion of art for:
    Supplybox Scuttler (by Djingo)
    Image result for fantasy crab art
    Wastebasin Lurker (by Yigit Koroglu)
    Image result for fantasy bug with tentacles art

    The art I'm gathering is based on your plane be affected by Emrakul, the last living Eldrazi titan. Emrakul's brood is formed by warping the natural beings of the plane into twisted monstrosities with fleshy tentacles and often otherworldly coloration.
  • The archtypes are:
    Creatures enter the battlefield

    The major creature types are:
    Avimas: A civilization that dominates the plane and rules it by terror and creation/summoning of horrors to do their dirty work. Think Nazis in terms of flavor. Black-Green-Red
    Horrors: Either Zombie or Demon, these work of the Avimas.
    Rebels: A group dedicated to the take-down of the Avimas. White-Green-Blue
    Djinn: Nomads that live on the plane and help the rebels. Red-Blue
    Eldrazi: A special someone on the plane has discovered how to summon his own Eldrazi. While this is a more minor tribe, it has a large role in the second set of the block, where they get very powerful... White-Green

    Major keywords:

    All of these have Rulestext cards on my profile!
  • And yes, that was the inspiration of the Eldrazi for this set. They've got a new leader though...
  • I do not particularly understand why Eldrazi are partly white in this set. They generally are colorless with influences of Black, Red, and Green. There is only one white Eldrazi in all of MTG. Also, I worry about bringing back Storm in this set. I would be very weary when designing cards with that mechanic.
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    For the Eldrazi, that will make more sense flavor-wise once I do more cards and story. I also forgot to give them all devoid... Lol. I'll fix that once I make the actual cards. For now, you can just think of them as allies of the Rebels. (Yes, allies. Again, that'll make more sense later.)
    As for storm, yes, I do know how broken as crap the cards can get, having just played against a deck with that theme.. I'm designing storm with that problem in mind, and specifically avoiding creating cards that have certain effects that directly affect you or your opponents (Like, a black storm card might destroy creatures, but it can't directly deal damage to an opponent, or a white on might let you scy or flicker creatures, but it can't directly allow you to gain life.)
  • Also, thanks for the art! These will really come in handy.
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