Create a simple, flavorful common

I recently created this card while reading a GDS article.

I liked the flacor, so I have a challenge for you create a flavorful common. The simpler the better. This is an open-ended contest, I just want to see what happens. Plus, it's good practice for those of you entering the GDS


    Ironically wouldn't play this card myself. Kinda needs support to jack up it's ability, it's not terrible, but I think the mechanics befit the card and the flavor text is on point.
  • This is from a week ago so idk if you accept it.
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    Garbage flavor text, I know.
  • @Operator: Strictly worse Festering Mummy. :(
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    Phyrexian Mana on a Ravnican guild card? Yes, he did that!
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  • @Scott_Anderson
    This would be:

    Enchant land you control

    Enchanted land has "{t}: Tap target land."
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    @Faiths_Guide Thank you, that's clearly better.

    Here is the link to the updated card:

    Sorinjace has reminded me that this is an uncommon. My apologies for submitting an illegal card. I will enter a different card.
  • Flavorful Common, coming right up.
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    There would be no period after the Enchant keyword ability.
    My bold text above is correct. Same idea is shown here.

    In your particular case, however, I'd probably just switch it to an artifact with fortify.
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    I’ll correct the period. Thanks.

    Thank you for showing me that example. It’s a good choice. However, I want it to be a red enchantment. It does what I want it to do in the color that i think is the correct one. Maybe that’s the old grognard in me.

    I don’t mean to be quarrelsome nor to cause you grief or offense. Again thank you for the example card.
  • @Scott_Anderson
    No problem, it's your call! I should point out that only blue and green tap lands...
  • @Faiths_Guide maybe @Scott_Anderson can get away with breaking that rule if he makes it deal one damage to the controller/owner of Port Blockade? Have it worded in somehow? Tap target land. Port Blockade deals 1 damage to you. Something like that, could that work around the rule? Sometimes cards can be introduced that can break rules, and red is known to have drawbacks such as damage to their owner's/controllers. It just a suggestion is all! :)
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I would really like to give this tool to red. Maybe green. But it doesn’t feel green to me. It really feels red or maybe blue.

    The cards I was imagining are Stone Rain/Ice Storm/Sinkhole/Thermokarst (and a couple others), and Rishadan Port.

    Blue already gets so many tricks. It would feel like gilding the lily to give blue another tool for the toolbox. So I thought red.

    Green would be OK too. But not black or white.

    Maybe I will rebuild it green.
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    Let's try something simpler, but tasty.


    Skog is the Norwegian word for Forest.
  • How's this?
    I thought the flavor fits well with Ixalan's theme.
  • Here's one for you.

  • @Lastjustice that doesn't feel common to me
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    @Scott_Anderson , I am not sure why, since it's a very situational landwalk, and has cycling. It doesn't even have a stat boost on it. Fish liver oil is a common, and walks a land type with a much greater chance of happening.


    I picked gates since parkour all about running thru the city, and gates are tied to the plane that is all about being a giant city. I considered making it non basic land walk, but that be too common of a landwalk type.
  • @lastjustice there's nothing wrong with the card. It's fun and it has good flavor.

    it's not the power level, but the splashiness of the card. The hybrid mana and the hybrid mana cycling. Commons are not usually so flashy-splashy.

    Also commons tend not to be so narrow.

    That is why it looks like an uncommon to me.

    Again - nothing wrong with the card, but it doesn't feel like a common to me.
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