Ravnica Reborn

So when I first started Cardsmithing it was because I wanted to make commanders that were from Ravnica. So a few weeks ago I put them in a folder called Ravnica Reborn. https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/DoctorFro/sets/25578?page=2 That is the link to the page if you want to see some cards so far.

Basically the guilds are in turmoil.
Since Jace is currently gone the guildmasters have agreed to step aside and let their children rule, the children use their parents mechanics. (Exs. in link)
In some guilds their are issues with who is going to rule (i.e., Gruul: Nikya is trying to take over, and the mechanic savage.)
So allied colors would (red green, right?) (or is that enemy colors, correct me if I am wrong). Allied colors? would have intraguild fighting for control. Two leaders going at it.
The other five guilds would have the same mechanics on both sides maybe one different...idk just snowballing for some of this. But it would be a leader and a group of people versus the rest of the guild.
There is also several things that have happened in the turmoil.
The gateless have gotten more recruits, and there are some brave souls who have joined two guilds (a uncommon for each tricolor and a rare/mythic for each color)
I dont have the details completely worked out because I am still studying for finals, so anyone with ideas help would be nice.

If you are interested just post.
New mechanics are needed for all but the Gruul.


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