Monkey King Commander

Trying to create a realistic commander creature based on the legendary monkey king from asian myth. I chose the naya colors because he is 1) a beast (green) , 2) extremely passionate and emotive (red) (he destroyed heaven because he wan't invited to a peach eating party), and 3) was the king of the monkeys and therefore was their government (white).

This card is supposed to represent him pre journey to the west, hence calling him "Equal to Heaven"

The first ability (tokens) is because he has the power to clone himself multiple times. as many times as he wants, which is where the X comes from. The idea here is that he keeps cloning himself more and more as the game goes on and he keeps getting recast.

The second ability (+1/+1 counters), is because according to legend, he gets more powerful when you beat up his subordinates. the opening chapter is all about how he needs to beat up some demons that have taken over his home and then going on a long journey to learn magic and martial arts from a wise old spirit so that he can better protect the other monkeys.

the third ability (sac a monkey) synergizes with the second one and represents him absorbing that clone back into himself to provide more power.

as it is, i think it might be a bit op, considering his minimum CMC is 5, with X being 1, then 7 with X being 1, but getting 2 tokens... my problem is i dont know how to fix the balance or change it without losing the flavor. any suggestions or ideas would be super helpful.




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