You all get to vote on the color hybrids for my guildpact lore.

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So I wanna make a Magic set based off our nation states troll. Well, mine thus far... I'm convincing Oskar and Josh to become part of it.

I want your advise on what their mana colors should be. I kinda want it to be like guildpact mixed with Ravinca faction wars.

My country: Literally just called Accelerationism it's satirical. It hates EVERYONE, especially itself. The despot leader is seemingly insane, greedy, he's not... he's The Joker. He has given up all faith in human development. He works even harder than some good honest politician would trying to think of what would really lower the standard of living of his own citizens and hurt the globe as a whole. Ironically no military. Mostly trade deals and diplomacy to just bring fourth capitalism's worst elements to the globe, and socialist's worst elements personally. (I even sold my own family into arranged marriages to gain leverage on the global market and mine uranium and oil like CRAZY not for the money... but so everyone has a life expectancy of 40 lol!) The system doesn't even know how to classify it so calls me social democrat.

Recently held a North Korea style parade in honor of Kevin Spacey and that guy trying to gut net neutrality. Raised everybody's taxes to fund it. More people are dying of cancer but crime rate has dropped...HOW?! WHY?! lol

Josh plans to just make a stereotypically edgy teenager fascist country. I'm sure he'll have plenty of allies on Nation States. Put all his efforts into industrial progress and bring out the blitzkreig and invade nations. He keeps threatening to invade me and make something of my abomination and I told him in RP I'd put the his gun to my own head and be like "you can't kill that which is already dead inside" lol.

Oskar's nation is probably gonna be red/white mana. He does believe in justice and liberation for underdeveloped countries but does bare a cynicism of rich nations similar to my own but refuses to head dive into that abyss of pure nihilism. Batman and Joker have a bromance lol.

Koen also wants to run an industrial nation like Josh but more like the USSR and says he'll crush Josh like an insect. But thinks I'm so degenerate might wait till Josh exhausts himself invading me first. So a new cold war where no one can act first or risk losing right away. Koen's pure tankism I appreciate because everyone in his country is miserable, but all the patriotism and clean roads make me sick... lol


  • The leader sounds a lot like a mix of voltaire and Henry the IV
  • I think I used the right Henry... ah I am in AP European History and my final is next week...umm
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    Voltaire was awesome. Masque block was my first introduction to Magic as a kid lol. Back in old Magic I used to say a good song that captured the feel for me of m:tg was Kiss "Journey of 1000 years".

    I liked Masque block's very metaphysical vibe.

    Wait sorry, that was Volrath.
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