Artist Challenge #2 - Wang ling & NanFe

The idea of this contest is to spread knowledge about different artists among the community.
For each instance of this challenge i will give you one or multiple artists whos artwork you are supposed to create cards with.

The artists this time are Wang Ling:
& NanFe:

Example artwork Wang Ling:
image image

Example artwork NanFe:
image image

- Create a card with the artwork of Wang Ling or NanFe.
- No old cards.
- You may submit as many entries as you like.
- General rules that is used by the forum and cardsmith (Keep it child-friendly.)
- Credit the artist (this should be very easy).

First place: 5 Favorites of your choice
Second place: 3 favorites of your choice
Third place: 2 favorites of your choice

Honorable mentions: 1 favorite

11th of January

Good luck and have fun!


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