Artist Challenge #2 - Wang ling & NanFe



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    Here's my entry

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    Heres my take on this art piece. the art made me think of enter the infite so i made a high impact blue spell just like it.

  • This contest ends in 9 hours.
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    The contest is now closed. You can expect results within 48 hours.
    The new contest is now open.
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    The quality of the entries you have submitted was very high I must say so it took rather long time to find the top cards but i think i have succeeded.
    In most of my contests there is often one card that i think is definitely deserving of the first place. This time i don't feel any of the top cards it much more deserving of the top 3 than like say the honorable mentions as all of these are very good. So i had to determinate the positions on mostly my gut feelings.

    First the honorable mentions.

    @TenebrisNemo - Butcher of the Meek
    Might be a little powerful in limited formats but i think this would shine everywhere else, specially in tribal decks as it would work very well with other vampires (old bloodthirst vampire and new discard vampires).

    @TenebrisNemo - Guard of the Nobles
    There were three instances with this artwork however i feel this one really gives the indication that a knight arrives to protect someone from harm. Always ready to do his duty to protect.

    @modnation675 - Natrisse, the Caretaker
    I believe that this is the card that would be the most fun to play with. It open up many political agreements and opportunities.

    Now for the top 3

    3rd: @jabrewer79 - Divine Interjection
    For my contests there is often one or two cards that i fall a little in love. This time it is Divine Interjection which really fits for me. metaphorically, An angel watching over a child and bringing him or her protection from evil. A protection that will be absolute if faith is strong enough. I wish Wizards printed more cards like this, flavor-vise.

    2nd: @icyyou - Astral Insight
    "Leave your physical possessions behind and follow me to the stars"
    I think this is a cheaper and balanced version of time warp with a huge amount of flavor.
    I don't have much more to say, it's a good card and i really love the flavor.

    1st: @Nicholas_Bolas - Serene Remembrance
    "The warriors return for one last battle, for one last order of duty, do die once again as spirits and pass into the afterlife"
    This could probably be a more powerful Living Death if it would have been mono black without the removal of the creatures at end of turn.
    It could have been a very powerful "bomb" in a ETB deck without the first ability.
    This gives me the feeling that the card requires alot of work to be a bomb but it includes blue so a strict graveyard shinagians deck would most likely not be able to run it.
    The only thing left where the card really shine is one last desperate attempt for defence. An act of defence that would turn the table.
    I believe this is the best of these cards as it prevents the most obvious exploits and leave the intended purpose intact.

    I thank you all for your entries. They were really great to look through and because Wang Ling and NanFe was so popular i might return to them sometime in the future in different artist combinations.

    The top 3, please send me the cards you would like to have favorised.
  • Awesome! Congratulations to other winners as well! Thank you for this contest, @Jonteman93.

    Did you like the artists I mentioned? I don't usually see their works in mtgcardsmith.
  • @TenebrisNemo Yeah i like them, they both have a particular style that I see much contest potential in. I will definitely use them in a future instance of these contests.
    JJcamva will be used in a future landscape focused contest.
    I don't know yet which theme i should put Dimitry in though but i'll find out.
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