Here is a contest that is just for fun. Create original cards on up to 3 of your favorite planeswalkers using art that is not being used on already existing magic cards. They can be all the same planeswalker or one of each or any amount of them so long as there is only 3 entered in the contest. The contest will be open until the end of January 2018. I will come back on here and announce the winner. Have fun and make cool versions of the planeswalkers we love! There will be 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place only if enough people join the contest. Good luck and have fun! The cards can have already been made or recently made. Heres more information for this contest:

1.First place will get up to 4 'favorites' on their cards of their choice from me. If you are not yet being 'followed' by me I will give you a 'follow' as well. If you are being followed from me, I will 'favorite' an additional 2 cards of yours you have created of your choice.
2. Second place will get up to 3 'favorites' on their cards of their choice from me that they have created.
3. Third place will get up to 2 'favorites' on their cards of their choice from me that they have created.

(I am also working on trying to have permission to create a trophy for the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners through Corwinnn and Tomigon. It will be on the 'trophy' profile, and feature the user screennames for each place they come in.)

Tips on this contest:
The cooler the artwork the better chance you have at winning.
The balance must be as fair and realistic as possible, imagine it if it was an actual planeswalker card!


  • The challenge is finding the best artwork. :)
  • modnation675 what can I do for prize(s) on this contest? any suggestions? trophy's or favorites or follows would be cool to give people i think right?
  • My first is Chandra, Cause who don't like the Flaming Firecrotch.

    Sorry, But I really do like the Chandra Planeswalkers but what would it be like if she went all out.
  • Second is Ajani cause "I like Kitties."
    Also, It's because he is my favorite, too.
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    Finally, Nahiri, she is an underutilized Planeswalker that needs some lovin.

  • See a theme here... Meow.

    Mic drop and walks away.
  • Here is my card for Elspeth's return from Erebos's realm. She is coming back from death, so she is no longer the pure white knight-errant we once knew. Saw this art with the mask that just worked (considering she's currently making a mask last we see her).

  • I haveone more token to make
  • @DoctorFro

    Is it just me, or is Tibalt's +1 the only useful thing on him?
  • No not just you, but on the other hand I suck at making planeswalkers so...
  • It would be cool to see different (but better) variations of Tibalt if WotC happens to make another version of him in a future set...
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    See This & That.
  • It keeps the traditional Kiora feel to it and the artwork is great
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    I really like Ajani and know alot about his lore. If your'e interested, the wikipedia page on Ajani make a nice recap on his story.

    This version of Ajani is at the end of Theros story line after Heliod murdered Elspeth.
    Ajani seeks grieving after having spread disbelif toward the gods. Ajani started wearing elspeth cape from then on (the cape appears ont he art i chose).
    This Ajani is the one living on kamigawa with Tamiyo while mourning.
    His "ultimate" would bring back walkers who died previously in the game making it fitting to this tiny lore bit i chose.
    I also made him SUPER white with 3 white symbol in honor of the Theros Elspeth. (also i would give 3 devotion to white had it been printed in theros block... tought that was cool-ish)

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    following my Ajani post i decided to make this (more because i found this art to fit with it)
    This is Elspeth if she had returned from Nyx (death on Theros).

  • You should allow original walkers due to the lack of planeswalker arts.
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    Can't find unused arts of them. They all are either already used on real cards or just already overused. Won't enter this.
  • Two words: Nicol Bolas
  • This contest is heating up. I'm loving all these planeswalkers. sanjaya666 thank you for your interest in the contest anyways, it's a shame i am a fan of your cards as well you come up with sweet cards. I made this contest not with a great amount of thought into it except make new versions of planeswalkers we already know in mtg just with nonactual art already used on real cards. It didn't have to be overused or underused, etc. it just had to be alternative art you find on the internet or your own. The coolest art and concepts will win this contest! When this one is done perhaps i can create one for original planeswalkers with a spin on it to make it different from older contests somewhat? I can't wait to see what other cardsmiths come up with for this contest before its over. They all look great it's going to be tough to decide.
  • We've got 15 days left this month until the judging starts, all the submissions are great
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    Both cards used art from WOTC, but art that was never introduced in cards...
    I'm pretty sure...
    Good luck everyone!
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    Fine, I'll friggin enter because whatever then.


    Lore: In this alternate timeline, Sorin was angry and transformed himself into a full demon after Nahiri imprisoned him. He of course prepared this contingency plan before the fight happened.
  • wow... i am digging these cards. you guys are making them so well...
  • I had these lying around sans art from a set (basically Return to New Phyrexia) I made a few months ago: and his accompanying

    Lorewise, Koth is caught between two Phyrexian armies and sacrifices himself so the Mirrans can escape to fight, die, and be compleated another day. The other Vulshok geomancers destroy the Oxidda Chain in a fit of rage, but later construct a tomb in the ruins of the Furnace Layer for their general. I tried to follow the mountain theme from OG Koth, with the added benefit that he can heroically sacrifice himself for fun and profit.
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