Negative Abilities-CLOSED

UPDATE: Because of how successful this contest has been, there are too many entries for me to judge alone. Please message me if you want to help me judge! I'm thinking I need anywhere from one to four more judges.

What's up Cardsmiths, I'm back at it with another contest

So your goal here is to make a good card, probably overpowered, that becomes balanced with a negative effect. This can be specific like Landfall or Revolt or it can be something like an ETB ability.

Must be an ability that already exists.
Must be a negative effect/cost (obviously)
Can be an old card.
Can be any card type/color/mana cost
Maximum two entries per person
Must be submitted before January 5th.

Honorables, (if any): Follow
3rd place: 3 favorites and follow
2nd: 5 favorites and a follow
1st: 5 favorites, follow, and one month of PREMIUM FEATURES

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Good luck everyone!


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