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Have an idea, but wanna run it past you guys who are more pro.

How broken would this all be? I was thinking why not make an entire Blockade of Magic cards that are converted from Shadowverse? If you don't know what Shadowverse is, it's a f2p Hearthstone game but if Hearthstone was anime.

The plainswalkers are walking anime tropes.
Their "crafts" are similar to anime power aesthetics in design and flavor.

Some things are a bit harder to convert than others, but I think the two elements that might make this not worth it is
1: Imagine if every creature has some form of evasion. Be it Flying, Shadow, landwalk, Intimidate... in Shadowverse creatures can choose to attack a creature OR the player. More often than not you'll only attack creatures so they can't attack you, but it's very agro heavy.

2: Evolutions. Best way I could see this in Magic is Transform. Now imagine Transform was easier to do, but based on a very finite resource like tokens the player keeps and can use to activate a transformation.


  • Okay, I'm not pro but I have some thoughts.

    If all the creatures had evasion, I think you would need a lot of evasion hate.

    To make creature attack creatures, I think it would be something like, "{T}: This creature fights target creature. Activate this ability only during the declare attackers phase." Or something like that.

    Transform seems like a great idea.
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