Creating a Commander Product

Hey guys!!!! I'm back! Recently I was thinking about how I would like to implement custom cards into a real deck. I was thinking of how to do this when I thought of Commander precons. Each deck is just a EDH deck, but with new added cards. I thought this would be a cool project to create and maybe play with my playgroup. I would love help!

The rules for a Commander product:
-5 decks (sorry C17 fans).
-50 new cards.
-New commons go in all the decks (so they have to be colorless).
-New uncommons go to all decks they can go in.
-New rares go in one deck.
-New mythics are the three commanders of the deck.
-I was thinking we should link these decks with color scheme, but we can do tribal or something like that.
-The face commanders should have a new mechanic that's shared (for example experience counters or eminence).


  • I got an idea...
    We could do one 5 color deck, one 4 color deck, one three color deck, one two color deck (opposite colors of the three color one), and a one color deck (opposite color of the four color one).
  • I'm interested in this!
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    Same here. Some ideas could be...

    2 tri-colored deck; 2bi-colored decks; 1 mono-colored deck;

    A) WUG Angel/Bird/Human.
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    I rather liked @Tigersol 's idea for decks honestly, or we could go with some mechanical theme?
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    We can keep it. I just thought that it would be easier to make the decks non-artificially balanced.

    Mainly as 5 color doesn't work so well in pre-constructed decks due to some lacking cards. But since we're not WOtC we could add a few more staples for mana fixing.
  • @modnation675
    What lacking cards did you have in mind? We can always add them ourselves.
  • @Arceus8523
    Mainly just a lack of higher end mana fixing rocks and a few cheap lands.

    I'll post them later, but I'm posting a commander idea in a moment.
  • @modnation675
    I think we, as the cardsmiths who probably want to design a quality product, can include those cards to some degree.
  • GW Enchantress themed deck.

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    How do these look?
    To wrap a permanent it becomes a Gift creature in addition to its other types with base power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost, except it's no longer an Aura while wrapped.

    The permanent's abilities remain active as normal alongside all other aspects of the card. Unless stated otherwise.

    If a wrapped permanent would become attached, unwrap that permanent.
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    I feel rather confused by how these cards work...? I don't particularly understand this wrapped mechanic. Also, I should warn you eminence was generally considered an overpowered and unpopular mechanic.
  • It allows unattached artifacts and enchantments to become creatures.

    Just edited prior comment to explain.
  • @modnation675
    Wrapped still seems a bit too complex to me in its current state. I just cannot understand what would happen to the aura's effects if it becomes a creature. Since there's no longer an enchanted creature, would it just be a vanilla creature?
  • @Arceus8523
    Yes, it would be a vanilla creature. Unless stated otherwise.

    But abilities can be granted similarly to Merissa.
  • It allows for an all enchantment deck for example. XD
  • Possibly, but this mechanic still seems a bit overly-complicated to me. I feel like if you just avoid having it deal with artifacts and equipment, it's fine, though.
  • That's literally one of the only purposes. XD

    That's fine, i was just spitballing ideas I was already working on.
  • Well the issue is it doesn't seem to mesh well with auras, honestly. It just is kind of bad with them...
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    Merissa grants all the abilities though. The following card would have all its own abilities.
  • So it would be a 4/4 with flying and first strike?
  • Still, this seems better for its own set than a commander set.
  • Yeah, I agree. I was just meaning that it works.
  • @modnation675
    I think set this idea aside and make your own set for it!
  • Perhaps, what Commanders would you put in this one though. I have a few less complex ideas.
  • Well shoot them at me. I'm open to ideas.
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    Ideas: (Just starting with bi-colors!)
    1) UW value deck with control aspects.
    2) GW lockdown deck.
    3) ETB / resurrection combos.

  • Elaine
    Seems fine to me. A bit weird, but nothing is unclear. However, I'd remove the god subtype since she carries no properties similar to other MTG gods we got.
    Once again seems fine, though this card doesn't particularly feel like an ally or even a card that exists on zendikar to be honest.
    The third line of abilities (the exile one) seems like a downside that would stop me from running her as a commander.
  • @Arceus8523
    Cool, so we have some dual color ideas then.

    Any ideas for other color numbers? I avoid going 3+ normally since they tend to not fit our playstyles. (Other than Zur, the Enchanter.)
  • Color numbers? What do you mean by that?
  • Amount of colors.
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