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You better use some protection!

So far there's been 2 "Protectors" in Magic.

The original is Bastion Protector


Then next came

Bloodsworn Steward


But what about the rest of the colors?

I think we need to do something about it!

So make the best Protector for whatever color or colors you like! The name does not need to include the word protector. Just needs fit the concept of a creature that aids the commander of a deck however you see fit. You can come at this sideways if that's how you wanna roll.

Here's some sample versions I did.
image (I did a whole cycle, Frontier, Palace, etc for each color based off the Siege names in fate reforged.)

And different style one...

There's alot of room to work with this design space.

This just for fun, and will run till interest peters out. I will favorite any I think are good representations of what was asked. So let's see what you got...


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