Old Vehicles - New Mechanics! (Contest)

Remember the Kaladesh block? There were some pretty sweet Vehicle cards in those packs and Vehicle decks used to be some of the strongest decks around. With the rise of the Amonkhet block and mainly the Ixalan block, we've seen a few vehicles return, but not many.

Your task is to create a Vehicle card using a new mechanic from blocks AFTER Kaladesh. Or, if you think one of you own mechanics would work on a Vehicle card exceptionally well, make that!

Some mechanics that I'd appreciate seeing here are Embalm and Exert from the Amonkhet block and Enrage, Explore and Raid from Ixalan! It doesn't even have to be a specific mechanic, maybe just a theme from those sets, however creativity and some sweet combos will better your odds of winning. Here is a quick example I made using Exert:


Prizes and Rules:

1st Place: 5 favourites and a follow.
2nd Place: 3 favourites and a follow.
3rd Place: 1 favourite and a follow.
(If I'm already following you I'll give you an extra favourite instead)

Honourable Mention(s): 1 favourite.
(May or may not do honourables depending on how many people participate.)

Maximum 3 cards made per Cardsmith.
Only new cards.
Ending: 20th of Jan, judging up before 25th of Jan.

Make reasonable cards and don't use incredibly complicated mechanics. Make it work well.
I want to see great combinations of mechanics, artwork and a little flavour text if you have room. I'm also looking for balancing, design and general grammar and spelling too.

Good luck, and make some Vehicles!


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