Clashia - World of the color pie

The color pie... The roots of magic, the very thing it's based on. Each color with it's own tight balance and play style.

But here at magic, we like to exaggerate things. So I made a contest about a plane called Clashia that contains all the colors of magic in a unique balance, where the strategies are HOPELESLLY CLASSICAL FOR THEIR COLOR!

The contest in itself is about crearing a creative, balanced card that fits its color play style extremely well.

White cards have to be about creatures supporting over creatures.

Blue cards have to be extremely confusing, using any mechanic you can get your hands on and cause effects that NO ONE SAW COMING [calm down, hero]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black cards have to be extremely sinister and mastermindly at making all your opponet's plans go to waste.

Red cards have to be about causing mindless, absolute, deadly, apocalyptic wanton destruction.

And green cards have to be about letting your creatures grow to ridiculous sizes.

Remember, you are encouraged to get carried away, but remember about balance.

I will be wrapping thigs up the 10 of February, so.... You've got time. Enjoy!


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