Growing up/Fusion!

Very recently, while I was browsing art, I had a stroke of inspiration and made a large series of cards that depicted a starting creature fusing with another creature card to show growth or development in some way using a base form and a "growth" form. (Examples at the end.)

What I'd like to do is challenge you all to make cards with this idea in mind. However, let's establish some ground rules.

1. Each smith is allowed up to two entries. (This maximum comprises of a base and up to two "growth" forms or two bases, each with a respective "growth" form.)
2. Judging will begin at the start of February.
3. Please please please discuss cards on their respective pages, not on this thread.
4. Find a way to not so subtly mention cherries to prove that you actually read these.
5. Exercise general courtesy.

1st: Five favorites and a choice of an honorable mention.
2nd: Four favorites.
3rd: Three favorites.

Winners and HM will be shown off in the cardsmith hall of fame.

The deadline for entries is January 31st at 4pm MST.

Have fun!

(Examples. Full sets containing all colors and multiple evolution lines can be found on my profile because I can't HTML well.)



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    Hiya @Lujikul This looks like a great contest! I'll definitely get around to making a card or two!
  • Alright here we go! Here's my first entry, a green and black orcish shaman who lives inside a grove of decay, who is later transformed into a raven shaman!


    Now as soon as a saw this title I immediately thought of the popular cartoon series Steven Universe and just had to make a Fusion progression for this contest. I'm not sure if it counts towards the contest itself, that's completely up to you @Lujikul, but I'll post it here just in case!

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  • I actually was working on a similar idea for an upcoming set I'm working on. Hope you like what I came up for this contest:

    First we have a fusion with a branching evolution depending on what card you exile.


    image image

    Perhaps a bit overpowered in his evolved forms, but I think keeping a 1/1 alive long enough to cast an angel or demon (who normally have high cmc) is a challenge worth the reward.

    Also, my favorite milkshake flavor is chocolate cherry.
  • My second entry is closer to what I have in mind for my upcoming set, combining animals together to form either hybrids or new mythical creatures.

    image image

    Did you know that cherries contain a combination of nutrients that can help lower your risk of cancer?
  • I think cherry coca cola is great. But I can't resist homebrew cotton candy pop.

    By the way, does anyone own a sodastream? They are absolutely amazing.

    (Entries will be posted later when I can collect artwork.)
  • They are the best! Artificial cherry flavouring isn't very good for you however...
  • @Swegboss12
    Duly noted. No artificials! XD
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  • @Lujikul just checking if this contest is still alive, and also kinda bumping for you!
  • This is a shameless bump.
  • Due to a shortage of entries, I'll expand the due date by one week. If there are still too few entries, each participant will simply receive a favorite. I'm aware that art gathering for this was probably too difficult.
  • If you wouldn't mind, if there isn't enough entries, could you still pick your favorite from those submitted?
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