I'm new to MTG

Hello everyone, I am new to the game of MTG - never really got into as a kid. Being a graphic/digital artist I have a bunch of original artwork that I thought would be fantastic for this game. The mana cost still eludes me, I will need help with that. Here are a couple of cards that I have made thus far.
Please be gentle with critiques thank you.


  • how do i buy my the cards that I've created?
  • Hello, and welcome to the community!

    The most simple way to play with the cards you've made is to create proxies. Basically, you print the card out on a piece of paper and put it in front of a sleeved card. There may be other ways that I simply don't know of, but I hope this was helpful.
  • @NokiSkaur is right...
    You can contact card makers and pay to print your cards, but I have no idea who you would contact or what they would charge to make the cards for you
  • Hey, @amerianna, so you said you are a digital artist, could you help me with a few things ive been working on?
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    It's kind of hard to explain card anatomy without something to point at, but do try to avoid using snow or phyrexian mana, as snow mana is weird and pyrexian mana is really easy to break.
  • So....about your cards. This is meant to be polite and a peaceful critque, if it seems it is not please let me know.
    You do not need to restate yhe mana cost in the card text. Correct terminology is important. Each player has a battlefield not
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