The Greatest Show in the Multiverse Contest **Circuit Challenge** (Winners Declared!)



  • Here is entry #2

    Entry #3

    and Entry #4
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    I've grown up with the circus, I spent a childhood under the Big Top, its real magic.

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    Just wanted to show that the circus life isn't all fun and rosy. It's often very unforgiving and depressing for the performers. Entry 3.
  • Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
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    Clockwork Dancer's ticking reminds me of something... Oh yeah!

    The circus ends in two days!!

    Let's show our last spectacle in a way that everyone in the multiverse will remember it for the rest of their lives! The show won't go on much longer!! We will leave with a bang on the 24th of January!!

    (Not an entry!)

    Guillano, the king among Performers! While being a lord, he also provides them with the ability to use other Performers' abilities! And, he also creates even more Performers! If you want to make a Performer commander deck, then Guillano is your man!
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    Thus, my bad habit of posting cards and then having to edit them continues...

    Thanks NicolBolasFTW for the heads-up.

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    "Redundant question: can I please have a volunteer from the audience?"

    "Hey, you! By order of the King, for irresponsible manipulation of minds and matter, you have been sentenced to--"

    "Yeah, yeah. Well, hope I survive combat this time!"

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    The show is not over yet. We may run thin on performers but we still have the audience.
    As for my next trick i will make my assistant disappear and some random fellow shall take her place.
    Does a double entry count? Otherwise just treat them as separate entries. my 3rd and 4th entry:

    Two siblings, one mad the other insane.
    A cunning brother who dosen't love anyone except his foolish sister.
    He do not think twice before bringing harm to those that cross him or his sister.
    He knows that hes actions are madness but he do not care. He know very well that he is madness itself.

    She thinks she is innocent and harmless. That she dosen't want harm to anyone.
    She tries to love but her love is harmful to anyone except her brother.
    She is insane but she deny it, she may even be more instable than her own brother.

    image image
  • Final entry, Gibbering Facepeeler:

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    image image
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    Here's my first entry:

  • What a wonderful way to end the show! Thank you everyone for visiting the Greatest Show in the Multiverse! The circus will leave now, but who knows for how long? Make sure to take your popcorn bags with you as you leave from your seats! Farewell and have a nice evening, ladies and gentlemen of all ages!

    *At the backstage.*

    This show was the greatest of the multiverse because of the amazing cardsmiths who got here. We got over 130 Gold tokens from this show, which is quite an achievement! I certainly know the best way to reward you. You all did a fantastic job with your performances, especially the ones which I am going to name next...

    **The judging has begun!**
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    Do you still not see my entry TenebrisNemo? How do you convert the link to HTML using dropbox? XD
  • @ManaChrome - No, I still don't see it. And I don't know how to convert the link to HTML. :/
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    Open the file in dropbox, then right click on the image and copy the address. Then use that as the link.
  • @ManaChrome - I tried to open it too, but it told me to log in, like it was trying to get into your account.
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    @Corwinnn, @modnation675, and @Tenebrisnemo

    I think I fixed the image with help from ningyounk, how is it for you? (Also, when is this contest's end?)

  • @ManaChrome - Yes, I see it!

    The contest has been over for almost two weeks now. I've been busy, but my work is almost complete. You fixed the image just in time before I declare winners.
  • @TenebrisNemo I'm giddy like a schoolgirl!
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    - BANISHED -
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    Judging Results

    My great performers! After watching our show from my crystal ball over and over again, I witnessed which acts got the most thunderous cheers from the audience on that night. These spectacles were able to entertain every kithkin, dwarf, man, elf, and many other various viewers! Fantastic circus artists of the multiverse, please accept these rewards as my thanks!

    Honorable Mentions:

    HM#1 - Gypsy's Augury by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse!

    HM#2 - Sadistic Improviser by @AustinSmith!

    HM#3 - Mephisto, Curtain's Call by @ManaChrome!

    HM#4 - Carnival Cannon by @Animist!

    HM#5 - Pancho, Freak Show Manager by @icyyou!

    Each Honorable Mention gets 1 favorite of their choice and 1/4 Circuit Point!

    The Top Three

    3rd Place - Jubilant Investor by @KrampisZman!
    One of our circus' pillars! This joyful businessman provided us majestic creatures, which entertained the audience for the whole night! He knew what they wanted, and he gave it to them!
    - 2 favorites of your choice or a follow.
    - 1/2 Circuit Point.

    2nd Place - Toma Silverstrings by @Gelectrode!
    Expect the unexpected, and you'll still be amazed! Toma Silverstrings' unbelievable acts lured even more viewers from outside the circus tent (even though they didn't pay for their tickets)!
    - 3 favorites of your choice (I'm already following you!).
    - 3/4 Circuit Point.

    1st Place - In the Ring by @Swegboss12!
    It all happens in the ring! Even though we may suffer from our performances, we still do them over and over again for the sake of the show! This act was a living proof of it, and the audience will remember it for the rest of their lives!
    - 4 favorites of your choice or 2 favorites of your choice and a follow.
    - 1 Circuit Point.
    - Your choice of a Honorable Mention.
    - I've created a token from you!


    Here is @Swegboss12's token!


    You all won people's hearts in that show. The 75 acts will dwell within this tent forever! Congratulations to winners, honorable mentions, and to everyone who let their ideas run free in The Greatest Circus of the Multiverse!

    Winners & Honorable Mentions - Claim your prizes!

    @Swegboss12 - You've chosen the 5th Honorable Mention!

    I hope you all enjoyed your time with this circus!
  • Congrats to the winners and everyone else for participating!
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