I need help understanding my own card.


What happens if Blood Evangel say, blocks another a creature with first strike? Do you put the counters on before or after Blood Evangel
deals damage? Heck, I don't know whether you put both types of counters on at the same time or not.


  • Combat damage is dealt simultaneously, so the -1/-1 counters would be placed at the time it deals/is dealt combat damage. Afterwards, the "whenever" trigger would occur then resolve. Which would place the +1/+1 counters on it.

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    @modnation675 , the Evangel has first strike, so going into combat with another first striker will result in simultaneous damage.

    @IanLowenthal , when weird effects like what you're proposing happen, try to focus on the most recent state of the creature before the effect. So if the Evangel runs into another first striker, it will deal 3 damage because that's the last established value for its power prior to combat damage being assigned. As it deals its 3 damage, the second ability will be taking place and the third ability will be put on the stack. Assuming the Evangel survives the -1/-1 counters it receives, the third ability will resolve and it will then put three +1/+1 counters on itself, because 3 is how much damage it dealt.

    (I'm like 90% sure that's how it works, but I'm not a judge so I may be wrong. In any case, the -1/-1 counters will always happen before the +1/+1 counters because the triggered ability can't resolve until after combat damage is dealt, by definition.)
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