Great Designer Search Card Creation Contest

In honor of the Great Designer Search 3, I am hosting a contest emulating the final challenge in both the first and second Great Designer search. In this challenge, contestants played the part of the design team, and had to "replace" a card as if it had been cut from the file late in development.

For a brief description of the third Great Designer Search:

How it Works
Choose a card from an existing Magic set, and replace it.
The replacement must:
- Be the same color
- Be the same rarity
- Have the same art (If you can't find the art online, just use a placeholder picture)
- Not use abilities from another set (no phyrexian mana on a card from Return to Ravnica, for example)
- Have a name that alphabetically fits between whatever cards are adjacent to it in collector number.
(Example: Sanctum Surveyor, the first example, comes from Search the City, which is collector number 49. The 48th card is Runewing, and the 50th is Skyline Predator, so the replacement's name must fall between "Run" and "Sky")

Based on:

This contest's due date is February 3rd, 2017, which is in just under 3 weeks from now. If you need more time, you can just message me and the due date will be extended if necessary.

Basic Rules:
1. Maximum of five entries.
2.No old cards, though I don't know why you would have old cards for this contest.
3. No Un-cards. They destroy the purpose of this contest. However, cards from Supplemental sets (Such as Commander or Conspiracy) are totally fine.
4. Cards may be edited and switched as much as you like before the final deadline.
5. Credit the artist (a link to the art is not needed).
6. Provide a link to the card that you are replacing.

Judging Criteria:
Balance, Follows the replacement rules, Templating/Spelling, Flavor

1. First place will receive:
- 5 Favorites of their choice
- The option to choose an Honorable mention if they want
2. Second place will receive:
- 4 Favorites of their choice
3. Third place will receive:
- 3 Favorites of their choice
4. Honorable Mentions will receive:
- 1 Favorite of their choice

Plus, all Winners and Mentionables will have their entries favored as well!

Look at this guide if you need help posting images (though just a link is totally fine):


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