Iento, Capitol of Wisdom

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Iento, a continent for wizards, scholars and fighters all the like. The great academy of Shi'go controls almost every facet of government in Iento and has travellers sailing in to send their children. For centuries, religious scholars have been trying to return the nine fallen ancients, the Ithri. If they manage this, Iento's creator may rise once again. Their attempts have just begun being fruitful, with the return of some Ithri. What they didn't keep into consideration is that the Ithri were slain by the neighbouring continent's creator - the most powerful force in the world. The Ithri have a grudge to fulfill, but this will be their demise. Can the people of Iento keep them alive until all nine Ithri are revived, or will the bitter blood end its age of prosperity?

Important People and Peoples:

Important Locations:
Shi'go, (meaning School of Go) is a vibrant academy, where scholars of every which race and age go to learn everything: Wizardry, combat and the history of the world. Being a place holding several powerful figures, it rose to power and became the leading force in Iento.

Iento, Capitol of Wisdom Set:

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