Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)



  • The image is blurry and some of the wording might be off, and I will fix both as soon as I remember to or if I do remember I soon as I can.
  • I hope it is all right if I edit my card a bit, bc there are somethings I forgot to add to the card from when I originally made it. Also if you happen to come across this art please DM the link so that I can find it again, so far I have searched for maybe 30 min with no luck.
  • @DoctorFro
    Best link I could find.

    Here's the search results, click here.
  • But I know it's on some existing mtgc cards, so someone might have a better link.
  • Which are do you guys think is better
  • What card is it on bc it seems to be from a Ubisoft game
  • Which art do u guys think it is better
  • @DoctorFro - The second one
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    I will be representing the Dimirs, in all their glory.


    DIMIR PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait, what? What is this? Close the portal, close the portal! No, such a creature is not fit for the Boros Legion. We must not let it be in our ranks. But don't let the Dimirs persuade it to fight for them, or else it might be the end.

    Boros Legion headmaster, before "The Great Assault" by House Dimir

    The artwork is from a game called Blade and Soul
  • @DoctorFro Pick the one that you think fits the best with the card.

    @East2West "Ach! Hans, Run!""Ach!+Hans,+Run!"

    The entries stage ends in a couple of days so if any of you want to make any changes to the card you should do it soon.
    Some of you have given presentations for your champions and that is awesome. I recommend you other to do that to if you want. These are your champions, you should deliver them as such.

    I get the number of entries for the moment to 19 so we will go for the 16 player tournament. If we would reach 24 or more I will extend the tournament to a 32 player one with some empty slots for the first stage instead of a knockout competition.
    If that would be the case then there will be no level up after the first stage which just replaces the knockout.
  • K the second one will do since the first one is apparently a card art :)
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    @DoctorFro It has been noted. :)
    The application time continues for 5 more hours.
    This is the last chance for new players to submit their champions or for current players to make changes to their champions or write some history/biography.

    After these hours have ended I will order my judge to make the elimination so we can get our 16 champions for the game.
    I like all entries so far so players that are eliminated will be given a favorite of their choice in compensation. (please send links in in a message to me personally and not here).


    For those that "survives" this elimination need not worry. This judge will not remain after today. (mostly because he is so expensive and i "only" have 48 mana open this turn).
    You will be introduced to your new hosts tomorrow.
    Your positions will be randomized in the tournament and so will the matches.
    Each day 2 or 3 matches will be played and the winners presented starting from Wednesday.
    The upgraded champions from the winners may be submitted after their respectively game but the session begins officially after the last game has been played this Friday (The 2nd). The session will be open for 5 days to the 7th unless someone needs a little more time, if so it will be extended.

    Good luck players and champions! The game Starts on Wednesday!
  • Why, thank you.
    Good luck everybody! :)
  • Summoned and captured by the Boros, I, Jahanacicus, fight for House Dimir - my saviours and employers. I control the very essence of your spells. Do not try to tamper with your chances, surrender now to save yourself from being torn from reality. Namaste.

    - Jahanacicus
  • One thing i want to hint/recommend you about for the elimination step is that you should give source for the artwork used.
    The artist is recommended but any source is acceptable if the artist can't be found or is difficult to find.

    If you have the artwork on your computer you can simply drag it into the browser (works for chrome) and do a picture search, this should give you some sites where the artwork is present and hopefully the artist.
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    my entry:
  • DIMIR PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was under the impression we only are allowed 1 entry then expand on it later. If that is the case, then I would like to go with Keres, Mind Shatterer. If we are allowed more than one, here is my 2nd entry:
  • Oh, you already made an entry... Oops!

    (BTW We are only allowed one. Double oops! But it doesn't matter, as I'd prefer a Dimir comrade anytime)
  • @sorinjace Yeah only one champion per player is allowed.
    It gives better connection between player and champion and it prevents a player from facing him/herself in the tournament.

    Yes, champions that win matches will be empowered/"level up"/be stronger for the next match.
    I will clarify a little more about how this should be done tomorrow but in general it is done like in real magic with returning legendaries.
    If it feels like a natural development of the character it will be fine.
  • 20 champions have been assigned.
    They have all arrived at the barrack where they will be investigated by the judge.
    During this evening the champions will show their skill on the training grounds and the judge shall read their papers (if they have any).
    When the judge is finished, 16 tickets will be handed out to 16 champions.
    The remaining 4 shall be sent home with the good wishes from the game organizer.
    Let the audition begin!
  • Edited the intro to my submission. Didn't intend on it turning into a story, but it did. Sorry.
  • @KalamMekhar no worries. I'm reading documents about rock surface support the whole days so a little extra that has to do with my interest does nothing bad. :)
  • It is not fun to make any kind of elimination but it had to be done.

    After spending the evening at the barack the judge finally arrives in the room, in his hands he holds 16 letters.
    He starts reading the names on each letters while he hands them out to respectively.

    " Congratulations Contestant!
    You have been chosen amongst a group of elite warriors to fight in the tournament of champions! You will travel by ship to your first destination, the city of Legorna where the 16 of you shall become 4. More information will be given at arrival.

    Judge - "The ship you will travel with is located at the docks west of here. you'll travel tonight so you will sleep on the ship. Tomorrow you'll arrive in Legorna. A calm and peaceful town except for when its three arenas are put to use. Then the city will bloom with life hotter than a hellkites fire."

    The champions to enter the tournament!

    @DoctorFro - Bafae, Vanishing Assassin
    @Swegboss12 - Beq, Geomancer Extraordinaire
    @Timmeh7o7 - Corscine, Paladin of Sunlight
    @NokiSkaur - Dakkarum, Mirran Bloodletter
    @East2West - Hans, Unkillable Squire
    @HeroKP - Jahanacicus, First Summoned
    @MagicChess - Kara, Distortiomancer
    @sorinjace - Keres, Mind Shatterer
    @Lujikul - Leandra, Avid Inspector
    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse - Maern, Forceful Tyrant
    @Faiths_Guide - Mishra, Crippled Genius
    @sanjaya666 - Neerayne Do'rret
    @Baron-777 - Neora, Pathless Scoundrel
    @Gelectrode - Prototype R5-T1
    @KalamMekhar - Radhe, Orb-Crafter
    @TenebrisNemo - Tiamat, Born of Dragons

    image image image image
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  • Yeahhhhh! I've made my line of champions already so I'm reasy just in case! Thx @Jonteman93
  • The four not mentioned above. Your champion was sadly not chosen to compete in the tournament. As said earlier, I will give you one favorite of your choice so please send the links to the card you like to have favorized on a private message to me.
  • "I am honoured to be chosen as a member of your competition. The Phyrexian menace can wait for now..."
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