Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)



  • "A contest? What kind of contest? How did this happen?? I advise that everyone stay as far away from me as they can. Why, you ask? Oh..... no reason in particular."
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    Am I too late for the submission? this is the best i have :|
  • R5-T1 sends her regards, but I am afraid her mnemo-refractulators have broken down after dealing with a troublesome peddler. Whether the peddler's one and a half remaining limbs will assume their correct proportions remains to be seen.
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  • @Monokuma15 - It's Gelectrode's champion, and you're late for the party.
  • Ah well better luck trying to get in next time :| (if there is a next time)
  • Thank you for giving Tiamat an invitation, @Jonteman93. This tournament will hone her soul!
  • hey if anyone wants i can have a arena/gladiator thing goin rn
  • (Neora) "Just my luck to get bunked with the soulless robot; guess it's better then the little girl."

    "... not much for conversation I see and I doubt the Izzet gave you a liar's dice matrix. I'll just get some rest then."

    Thinking to himself: "Best keep a knife under the pillow... the competition looks less then savory and it wouldn't be the first time someone tried to kill me in my sleep."
  • Can someone pm me when the next tourny happens? I would love to get one of my cards thrown in.
  • Boom-contest-lata!

  • @Jonteman93: Radhe is terrified of this 'tournament' thing, but inwardly she is feeling proud and is excited for what is to come. She thanks you for inviting her to the tournament.
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    (Neerayne) In the meanwhile, a particular dark skinned elf, or otherwise known as a 'drow' was sitting on her bunk bed in a lotus position with her eyes closed.

    "Great Mother of Dark, grant me strength to overcome this trial, grant me the power to slay the enemies, and grant me clarity to negate any deception that would befall me. For with their blood I shall honor you, o great Queen of Spiders." Chanted the dark elf while holding a knife in both her palms.

    A murmurs suddenly could be heard, its source unknown, nobody knew for sure what language it was for it was very unclear. A dark aura then engulfed the young dark elf for a brief moment, then it suddenly gone.

    "Thank you, my Queen." She chanted again.

    'These people are dangerous, for sure. Even the avatar of Tiamat is also here, this will be sure a problematic tournament. If I can't win this, which is also I'm fairly sure about it, then only the Goddess knows about the fate of this world, especially my people.' She thought deeply.

    'Goddess save my soul.' She then stood up, checking her gears and equipments while seemingly lost in thoughts about the outcome of a certain deadly tournament.
  • Hans is crying in the corner. He thought this was the ship to the tropics and now he's surrounded by all these terrifying people. Hans just wants to go home ;3;
  • lol, Bafae is calm and collected ready to kill any of you...
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    I speak to Keres and Bafae, other sons of Dimir that are to shed blood in this arena. Their own... Or someone else's. I hope not to cross any of you in the tournament, but if I do, remmeber, I am the ultimate weapon of the 10th guild in this fight. Namaste.
  • The merfolk of the Broken Coast have arisen. Enemies of Ding Mettir beware.
  • Bafae chuckles, and says "Fight me blondie"
  • I'll be back
  • Between sobs "Can't we just be friends?"
  • Sure, outside of the tourney

    but yea sure, but if I have to kill you no hard feelings
  • @DoctorFro
    How dare you call me blondie? My hair is glowing with majestic power. I'm not even blonde without it!

    Hans, don't worry, you are technically immortal. Unless the planeswalker you fight for decides to sacrifice you. Whoopsy!
  • On the Ship
    "We should arrive at Legorna in just a few hours, go and see how the contestants are doing" - Captain
    "Aj Aj sir,"
    The sailor goes down to the room where the contestants are located.
    "Hey! who took my dagger!?"
    I don't know, it was probably Hans or someone"
    "Hans, give me back my dagger!"
    "I don't know what you are talking about" - Hans
    "I know it was you, you were the last one to look at it"
    "what are you holding in your belt then, Bafae?" - Maern
    "Are you saying that i am lying?"
    "No, I am saying that you are blind"
    "How odd" - Leandra
    "The odds cannot be calculated by rational equations, need more input data for the logarithm" - Prototype R5-T1
    "English please, Eyy you, you in the black dress thingy. can you fix this tragedy of a can box?"
    "..." - Mishra
    "It's called an automaton construct" - Keres
    "All right thats it! Where is my whip"
    "HA! and you call me blind" - Bafae
    "I miss land" - Beq

    In Legorna
    Nathan - "Oh, it's almost time"
    Clementia - "Time for what?"
    N - "The contestants are arriving soon"
    C - "Soon? They won't arrive for another two or three hours, at least"
    "Why would you hurry down there so early?"
    N - "Well i don't want to be late to welcome them, and you never know. Might see something new and special today."
    C - "So you are going to sit in the docks for two, three hours to just see if you will see anything? And what will you do during the time? sit on a box and play with some children?"
    N - "Thats an excellent idea!"
    C - "No I didn't mean..." sigth.
    N - "Well I'll see you later then.
    C - "Nathandielle. At least don't forget the safety prosedures, we don't want the same thing to occur this time like last year."
    N - "Clem, you are the only one in all of Legorna who calls me Nathandielle. Don't worry. It is already fixed. As long as they can keep themselves from killing each other directly in the docks everything will be fine."
    C - "Or on the ship"
    N - "Well uhm. They where chosen by the game organizer. He probably knows what he is doing so it should be fine until they arrive."

    Your hosts:
    image image

  • I just put 16 dangerous fighters on the same boat and same room, with their weapons available (kind of)... Whoops!
  • @Jonteman93 - Probably should have booked "Princess" Cruises, not "Pirate" Cruises!
  • @Corwinnn yeah i should have opened the mana vault a little more. But the judge was soo expensive.
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    If theres gonna be fighting she'll be happy to help supervise or join in if she wants.
  • @Monokuma15 Sorry but all contestants have already been chosen.
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