Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)



  • Guys, have you seen Radhe?
    Oh, no! Jahanacicus has that glow in his hands again!
    Put Radhe down! You aren't supposed to fight till the tournament begins!

    "Fine. I'll le you go, Gruul scum. Get on with your gardening... For now"

  • Bafae- stalks silently
  • *Bafae, Jahanacicus, Keres and Neerayne Do'rret both try to stalk Hans at the same time*
    *Leap on him*
    *Bang their heads*
    *All lie dazed on the ground*
    *Hans faints*
  • Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Goes the bell as the ship is closing into harbour.
    The city crawls over the ship with its tall building with some very tall tower leaning over it all, almost like a lighthouse.

    The contestants are meet by Nathan and some black knight. Nathan greets them "Welcome to Legorna, a humble and beautiful city but with a taste for clinging swords and bloodstain. Thats why you are here."
    "Now we have much to do so if you follow me to the arena."
    "Are we going to fight, now!?, and where is the welcoming ceremony?"
    Nathan did not see who asked.
    "The people know that you are arriving sometime this week, they simply don't know when or by which ship. It is to prevent.. unfortunate events. Secondly you are not going to fight but there are some regulations we have to make before we can get started."

    Nathan shows the contestants around the city on their way onto the arena when Hans asks a question a little shaky "So ehm, who is the knights that is following us?." - Radhe
    "Oh pardon me. Hes name is Oliver and he is a watchman of the tournament. He is a new addition to the games this year to prevent.. trouble amongst the contestants. You don't need to worry though as long as you follow the rules which are simple. Don't kill or attack anyone that is not another contestant, and don't kill them either unless it during the games. That is by the way reason we are going to the arena now."

    The crew arrives at the arena.
    "This is the central arena and the largest one. It is used for different activites all year round but the main attraction is the tournament. There are two additional arenas however, on in the outskirts of the city around some abandoned houses, the other in the forest to the east."
    Nathan stops at a large wooden door.
    "As i mentioned earlier, the city wants sword clinging against each other and bloodshed. For you to be able to fight without too much on you mind we much remove one very significant factor in all of this. Death."
    "You will be marked with an abyssal signet by the priest here. This will prevent the abyss from claiming your soul if you would fall during battle. The spark of life will then be very easy to re-ignite again. It will feel like you feel asleep and you hit your head very hard."
    "I'll leave you to the priest now but I can warn you, the deed will hurt quite much. See you later guys."

    "So how long will this take?" - Corscine
    "I'm not your guide, I'm your watchman" - Oliver
    "Relax dude, one could think that people have died because of these unfortunate events or whatever the other one talked about." - Corscine
    "Just keep to the rules." - Oliver

    image image

    "Remember, the mark will only do its bidding in the three arenas so don't be too lustfull to spill each others blood before then." - The priest
  • Beq is glad that she has set foot on land once again. Geomancers always prefer some solid earth underneath their feet. However, the time at sea seems to have changed Beq, as a primal instinct is building up inside of her. She can't quite tell just yet what this will entail, but Beq is sure that geomancy won't be her last line of defense in the tournament to come. @Jonteman93 i've already created my line of cards so this is a little spoiler of my champion Beq and what she will become. Anyone is welcome to head over to my card gallery and find my Beq cards!
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    After a little more than one hour the marking procedure was finished and the contestants were exhausted, some more than others.
    Nathan waited for them out on the arena battleground.
    He guided them to the federation building where Clementia waited for them.
    Dinner was ready and served before the contestants where shown their rooms.

    The crew where in Legorna for almost a week thereafter and often split up to avoid conflicts. Nathan continued to show them around new parts of the city, the tower, the smaller arenas and much of anything that could be shown in the small city. Clementia teached them about what the arenas are, about the federation and its purpose, the agreements with the capital city of Crastine. They were taught how to appeal to the crowd as the crowd will be important if total victory should be achieved. The blessing-like rewards they would recieve as they won matches, a blessing that would empower them. etc.

    "What is this, School!?"

    Much where taught but one thing in particular was still unknown.
    One evening Leandra, Radhe and Beq approached Nathan.
    "Nathan, The day we arrived, you mentioned something about an unfavorable event and this whole thing with Oliver seemed, odd. What was that about?" - Leandra
    "Ah yes, well uhm. You know this is not the first of the tournaments right.
    This has been going on for a long time and without trouble except for some broken bones here and some cut wound there.
    Until last year when everything ended in tragedy.
    The contestants were as many then as you are now, 16.
    They were a rather lively bunch of people and rather popular amongst the crowd, except one.
    It a very very powerful man but he had a cold and numb personality. He didn't show emotion, style or anything the crowd wanted except power. Power was not enough however.
    The first games of the tournament did go as usual, 16 became 8. This man won his match dominantly easy and as his opponent was not very special he passed on.
    He was paired up against, ehm what was her name, Nishaka, Nikasha, Nashaka, well it was something like that. She was not as powerful as this man but she was very popular amongst the crowd. I remembered how they cheered her name the whole match, a match which she almost lost if it hadn't been because of the crowd.
    She passed on to the semi finals and her opponent was left defeated.
    We did not see more of him that evening or until next day when the third match began.
    In the middle of the match a huge explosion of fire was heard from the resting placa where the earlier two winners where. When we got there the first two winner had been killed. Other places in the city was also attacked, he seemed unstoppable at first, until one of the other contestants struck him down. The damage was already done though. 4 contestants and over 200 civilians and soldiers where dead. only three contestans where left, the two who where fighting and the one who had lost the first match.
    One of the two remaining fighters conceded and went home after this. The champion travelled to Crastine. The last one, is Oliver."


    The contestants where two days later summoned to the arena where a huge crowd where cheering and shouting.
    Nathan, Clementia and two other unknown beings stod at the center.
    The contestants where greeted by Clementia while Nathan took stage.
    "Ladies, gentlemen and children of our city!"
    "Contestants of the tournament!"
    "Here before you, my dear audience do you have the sixteen chosen for this years tournament"
    "They walked in here with grudges against each other and maybe even some friendships, but when they leave today, they'll leave as enemies with one single name on their mind, the name of their opponent for the first match"
    "Dear audiance, look at your fighters, look at those that will struggle to become champions, which of these would you cheer for? which of these would you like to see become champion over them all!"

    "My dear audiance and my respected contestants. It is time to pick the names."
  • "The matches will be as follows!"

    Match 1
    @Gelectrode VS @Timmeh7o7
    image VS image

    Match 2
    @Swegboss12 VS @Baron-777
    image VS image

    Match 3
    @sanjaya666 VS @NokiSkaur
    image VS image

    Match 4
    @Faiths_Guide VS @DoctorFro
    image VS image
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    The matches has been declared, Let the games Begin!

    To increase your chances of victory you can try to get the popularity of the crowd. This can be done in almost any way. Talk about your champion, give them personality, show up, mess a little with your opponent, sing a song?. Get the crowds (my) interest. Take me on a date? maybe?

    @Swegboss12 That's nice! personally i will try to avoid looking into the champions upgrades before they are posted here.
    Also about upgraded champions. If a player loses and is eliminated from the tournament, he or she can gain extra rewards in the form of likes by posting the champions upgrades. In this way no one makes the risk of creating upgrades without be given the chance to reveal them, but is instead encouraged to reveal them.
    Players that win however are obligated to only reveal the current champion in this thread as earlier stated. (to keep the tension)

    The clock is 1:47 in the middle of the night now and i need to sleep. So see ya all champions!
  • @sanjaya666

    "I've killed hundreds of Viridian scum over the years... Why would poor Do'rret fare any better? Trust me, mortal. You are nothing more than a waste of my time..."
  • Hans sweats profusely and looks around fervently before nervously shouting "I like your hair!" at Radhe. Hans starts shaking
  • Welp I kinda hope Hans makes it out ALIVE because a coward like him needs to grow some you know what.
  • "Nothing would please me more than defeating an admirable foe like you in combat, Kara..." says Keres. Keres prepares himself for combat...
  • btw when is the next tournament?
  • Although nit in the tournament, Ding Mettir is sitting in the stands, reading your minds and beginning to plan.
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    Btw I noticed everyones champions and made a different one due to well most of the others I have are kinda op atk and hp wise so heres my new champion
    Theres his axe also but I'ma save it for later
  • @Monokuma15

    I'm sorry, but I don't think we have anywhere for you to go in this thread. Also, your champion is still a little broken. If you want help with balance, feel free to ask me. I may not be the best opinion around, but it's better than nothing.
  • ^ Just for show (A.K.A ti'll the next tourny) Not an actual sub
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    Kara approaches his opponent, looking harmless and innocent. He stops a good distance away. If Keres is observant, he might notice the ground and air around Kara shifting slightly, warping momentarily into strange patterns, the leaving so quickly one could swear they imagined it. "Please, friend, listen to me. What's your name? Keezee or whatever? Please don't come near me. I don't want to hurt anyone. .... Oops. I guess that sounded like a threat, huh? I suck at this. Talking is so inconvenient, you know? And they want us to please the crowd?? How are we supposed to do that?! Do they like watching people die horrible deaths? Whoops. That sounded like a threat too. Please don't take it personally! This is where I'm supposed to flatter you to make you like me, right? You're looking very.... ominous.... today! Please don't hurt me... I don't want to lose control again."

    You want flavor?? See overly long backstory on page 1!

    Just realized my card is completely useless against Keres.... Hexproof AND equal power and toughness..... *sigh* This first iteration is really just a sort of underpowered stepping stone to the next versions of Kara.
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    "Maybe, but I am not a Viridian. And someday your arrogance shall be your downfall, vampire." Reacted the dark-skinned elf.

    'So my speculation is correct then. The portal really threw me in an unknown world. Whatever those Viridians are, they should probably at least have the resemblance like me if he's so confident about killing me.'' Pondered Neerayne while crossing her arms in a 'thinking' position, her trusted dagger still tightly clutched by her.

    Once upon a time, in a far away plane lived a group of drows in the Underdark, the name of the underground places of that plane. There also lived a bunch of another hostile underground races such as the dwarves or even abominable horrors. And the drows themselves were also considered to be hostile and arrogant according to the surface dwellers. Or mostly of them.

    Years passed and among those drows in that particular group was Neerayne. While the others were downright arrogant and sadistic, or even treacherous, Neerayne restrained herself to show such emotions and were still questioning herself about the mental degradation of her people. Surely there were also the others from her people who shared a same thought like her but the numbers are too few compared to the 'bad' ones.

    In the end, after through hard working and perseverance, Neerayne finally gained a position in the army of the reconstructed House of Do'Urden, a resourceful and powerful House among the drows in the Underdark, although she was only a mere soldier.

    Then someday, Neerayne and a group of soldiers were sent to investigate an abandoned structure that resembled like a portal gate. Unbeknownst to them, the portal was technically still active. After a certain report and out of curiosity, the House wizard then activated the portal due to his arcane expertise and knowledge over artifacts, and it worked.

    And of course he had to send his soldiers to investigate further about to where the portal led to. Neerayne of course volunteered herself among the first others who were sent to go through the portal. But to her dismay, the portal wasn't really stable due to the lack of repair after all the ages it went through. In the end, the wizard finally decided to throw her into the portal along with the others instead due to the cruel nature of the drow itself.

    The transition between the planes was surely a trip for Neerayne. After the overwhelming rainbow-colored journey in the void between worlds, the female drow then landed in front of an arena in an unknown world while the fate of her fellow soldiers were still unknown. Still dazed due to the exhaustion, a group of human soldiers then captured her and put her into the arena to fight for a cruel amusement of an unknown person along with many others who shared the same fate as her.

    'No rest for the virtuous.' Neerayne closed her eyes and smiled sarcastically towards a cruel fate that befall her. A tear of sadness also flowed down from her right eye.
  • @Timmeh7o7, R5-T4 sent its regards before spontaneously deactivating. We aren't sure why yet, but here is the transcript:

    " wEaKlInG fLEsH-rIDdEn HUmAnn sPaWN oF A CoRGi cRap ThOU sHalTh bE gRiNdEd INto a BLoOdy PULp bEtWeEn mY cOGS wHiCh WiLle Be cOnVeRtEd InToo UrInAl CAkEs aNd yOuRR vItAl JuIcEs sHaLl oIL My HInGeS aNd YoUr SkUlL sHaLl bE UsEd As A NoVeLtY QuiLL HoLdErr Blaarrrrgggg... "

    Corscine, you may interpret this as you wish.
  • Jahanacicus talked to Bafae. "It was interesting to be chosen to fight against a little girl. But I now more than anyone else that sometimes, things have more power than meets the eye. We are being told that she is an avatar of the dragons"

    Bafae said: "Ha! I don't believe all these foolish tales about avatars!"

    Jahanacicus: "You just be wary! I have help of plenty of avatars on my side. And as soon as I gather enough energy, I'll set to the skies with them"

    Bafae: "But you couldn't do that if your wings were wet!"

    *Pushes Jahanacicus into the river*

    *At the last moment, Jahanacicus throws the deactivated husk of R5-T4 across the river, knocking into the drink Bafae*

    *Grabs the husk*

    *Lands on the other side as Bafae climbs out, all dripping and wet*

    ^Bafae will remember this
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    "Yeah, the last match came out quite fitting. Peacemaker against Coward. Interesting. But you do realise, I will immediately cast a spell that destroys my opponent? The poor thing only has 1 health! It will be a dastardly deed, but it has to be done. She can't keep sacrificing forever."
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    As I'm lurking in the shadows
    I see a new light on the wall
    As I climp up and down ladders
    Wondering who'd win this brawl

    Suddenly, I hear a flowing energy throw me
    And I know that's the very moment
    If I win this first round, as you see
    I will ascend using my moment-

    um to a higher level of the godly hierarchy
    To be the god of flight I always wanted to
    As I realise my mind is in anarchy,
    I climb to dream a cow with a friendly moo

    - The Poem of Ascension, Composed by Jahanacicus
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    Leandra looks over her opponent, then adopts a basic fighting stance. "One doesn't find as much as I do without getting into a few scuffles. May the best combatant win."
  • @Baron-777 Beq has something to say to that scoundrel Neora:

    'I've faced my fair share of petty rogues in my time, and let me tell you all of them have come off with bruised cheeks and a battered ego. And that's the better half of the deal. I won't go easy on you and I think you'll find I have the advantage on every front!'

    Basically Beq is a powerful geomancer and it's only going to go up from here.
  • (Note: Ok wtf the story seems to be kinda a mess now. Who actually judges the winners btw?)
  • Here's my background story for Beq, the headstrong geomancer:

    Beq is a geomancer who used to reside in the endless deserts of Amonkhet, before the call for champions in the great Tournament of @Jonteman93

    From when her life began, she has always had an affinity with the ground around her and the earth that she walks apon. Her favourite kind of soil is the Amonkhet desert glass, a rarely occuring natural phenomenon which comprises of highly heated sand, transformed into a partially liquid solution which is easy and practical to 'geomance'.

    Beq discovered her ability on her 9th birthday. Her parents and her sister, Kat, were delighted at her newfound power, but they quickly realised that it only brought out the bad qualities in her. These attribiutes, including rashness, a bad attitude and a sarcastic sense of humor, weren't exactly what Beq's parents were looking for in their daughter and what Kat wanted her sister to be.

    All of the geomancer officials and seers and soothsayers Beq's family went to couldn't figure out where Beq got all of her geomancing power from. Apparently she had had this residing power since birth and it would only develop and branch off into differents segments of magic as time passed. The way Beq's family saw it, she was a ticking time bomb. They tried to stop her from using her newfound power but Beq liked how she was able to get what she wanted. She needed her geomancy if she wanted to get out of her problems to come.

    One of these problems was that Beq was to be married to a wealthy warlord who had held power over the rural desert outpost that Beq and her family had lived in for generations. What this actually meant for Beq was a life of hard work and menial jobs which had to be carried out for the warlord. Her family would benefit from this with the funds from the warlord's raids and it would mean a good life for them. But Beq wasn't in agreement with her family. When she turned 12, when she married the warlord, her freedom was going to be taken from her. She just couldn't stand it.

    But when she discovered she was a geomancer, things changed. Many palace guards and servants that day couldn't believe their eyes when a small 10 year-old girl smashed through the palace gates and put an end to the warlord right then and there with a stone through his head. Her parents were horrified at what she had done, and they tried to take her back home immediately. Her sister wouldn't look at her for weeks.

    After 3 full weeks of all the staring and whispering, Beq left home. She was tired of her parents and wanted to go do something worthwhile in this world. She travelled lightly as geomancy solved most of her problems these days and was efficient for finding food, water and fighting off bandits in the desert. Her reputation as the 'Desert Scourge Geomancer' grew and soon it attracted the wrong kind of attention. Countless petty thugs and bandits tried to attack her in hopes of receiving a hefty reward from one of the numerous thug gangs that ruled the further reaches of the desert. Beq fought all of them off with ease.

    On her travels Beq met, visited and experienced almost all parts of the desert. She found broken droids from another plane who had fixed themselves and found their own purpose in life. She even travelled with those nomadic robots for a while. She saw massive pyramids, a spectacle of another time and age. She saw countless other relics, including archaic stone gates assembled in a circle by primal life forms. She saw places of death and decay, as well as bountiful oasises and the common arrival of the ginormous sand whales which constantly cruise through the dunes of Amonkhet.

    Yet Beq knew this was only the beginning of her adventures. Beq was especially excited when she found a tattered notice of a great Tournament of Champions, which was to be held in the Arena of Legorna. She knew this would give her the opportunity she needed to prove herself to the world.

    And that's it folks! What do you guys think?
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