Tournament of Champions! (The game has begun)



  • What do you get when you mix a twin from a sitcom and an assasin?

    Phoebe Bafae!!!!!!!!!

    I'll see myself out
  • - Kara, please, I am troubling with the comprehension of my opponent. I know I am an unstoppable force, the son of a god, yet something is off. She looks like she binds great powet

    - Sure thing, Jahanacicus! I'll just change up your perception of reality... There!

    Suddenly, the little girl is no more. She is a fierce dragon, wisdom in her eyes and power in her claws. Jahanacicus now sheds all earthly bodies and becomes a beacon of force, of magic. They clash, and tear each other. They bruise each other, then the illusion's gone. It's just an arcanist and a little girl again.

    - Thank you, Kara. All underestimations have been wrong. I am looking forward to meeting you in the battlefield, queen of dragons.
  • (Note: Dafuq is even going on.)
  • @sanjaya666

    (Self-contained conversations between rivals, I believe.)
  • Lul the role play for this post is over 9000
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    @sanjaya666 I will judge the tournament but not totally alone. I will send some of your cards to independent friends of mine to give their opinion, to help me with some evaluations as i score the cards.
    The judgement will be done through a kind of point system where each contestant can gain three categories of points. This is only a general idea on how it will look but minor changes may be done.

    Fighting points: (100p): These will be based on the mechanical parts of the card. its body, color diversity, power, abilities, balance, effectiveness against the opponent. etc.
    Crowd points (100p) These will be based on the crowds interest for the contestant. His or her flavor text, chosen art, story/background, behavior & personality, contrast to the opponent. etc.
    Arbitrary points (50p) This is the secret ingredient in the tournament soup. This could be described as pseudo-random and will be based on factors which are not related to any of the above and cannot really be affected. (like a DnD dice roll). The main reason for these points is to lessen down the significance of my judgement and make it a little more interesting but not too much so it becomes unfair.

    So through dialog you may not only gain points for the fight but also decrease your opponents points.

    So the point distribution will be 40/40/20 %.

    The matches
    The matches will go in order, first match 1 then 2 then 3 and so on.
    At least one match will be played later today (in 8 - 12 hours). I will notify you at least 1 hour before.

    If you win: Your champion will go on to the next stage and you are now allowed to post the next step in your champions evolution.
    If you lose: Your champion will be eliminated from the tournament. But!
    You will be allowed to post your entire evolution chain or parts of it for your champion.
    Players will be rewarded with one favorite of their choice for each evolution step posted (including the first).
    Note: This is how it will be after the first two stages. Champions who lose in the semi finals however will be sent to the bronze match and fight for the last medal.

    The second stage of matches will be as natural.
    Winner of match 1 vs match 2
    winner of match 3 vs match 4
    winner of match 5 vs match 6
    winner of match 7 vs match 8

    Winners here will be sent to a new arena for the semi finals.
    Winner of match 1 & 2 vs match 3 & 4
    Winner of match 5 & 6 vs match 7 & 8
    The bronze match will be the first to be played thereafter and last but not least, the gold match.

  • (Will it just be random cards, or will you selectively pick ones that you think are decent?)
  • @sanjaya666

    "You don't seem to understand something, lifeless elf. If you kill me, I will drag you down with me. My grudges don't end with my life--they end with my adversary's."
  • @NokiSkaur I don't follow what you mean. if you are referring to how the matches will be judged. 80 % of the judgement will be based on the cards and their background/flavor and such. some of this will be based on the contrast between the two.
    Only 20% of total judgment will have a randomized impact. I will use a form of normal distribution function to declare this (for those that don't know what it is. It is a results from multiple sources of random result).

    In real life, people never have a constant performance. it will vary between occasions. I use this pseudo randomizer to simulate this for our tournament.
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    Radhe was distinctly uncomfortable. She had never seen a crowd of this size. And ever since Hans's silly hair comment, all eyes were trained on her.

    I bet he said that deliberately. He's trying to unsettle me. It's a trap. Surely he's much stronger than he looks.

    Somehow, she had to unsettle him, too.

    Let's play his game.

    In a fluid movement, with an athleticism that belied her age, she swivelled around to assume a defensive posture, allowing her long locks to whip through the air for all to see. An audible murmur swept through the crowd. She allowed her posture to relax.

    "Why, thank you Hans," she said with all the sweetness of a little girl (which she was).

    The murmur intensified into shouts of appreciation. Hans shuffled and said something unintelligible.

    Radhe beamed. She was beginning to like this 'tournament' thing.
  • Want to add a little note to the story related stuff.
    The time after the names had been picked and the matches had been ordered.
    The contestants got the rest of the day to show themselves to the crowd to gain their interest and support. The matches does not lore-wise start the same day, as the crowd want to know their fighters when the fighting well begins.
  • Jahanacicus is working in a food stand enchanting donuts with ethereal force to make them as delicious as ambrosia.

    Radhe: Surely that's illegal?
    Tiamat: Yeah, that Jahanacicus is up to no good!
    Radhe: I'll plague the stand with my plants!
    Tiamat: And I'll infuse them with dragony courage!

    ---Some time later---

    Jahanacicus: Hey, people! I have a new flavor of donuts. It's dragon fruit!
  • @Lujikul
    "Why is someone like you even in this tournament? You're a scrawny human who's obviously never been in a true battle! None have succeeded in standing against me, and none shall ever do so - especially not someone like you. All that you will ever need in life is brawn, and the mightiest will always rule the weak. I would like to see you try to even pick up something heavier than that lantern!"
    Maern rears his head back and laughs, causing flecks of spittle to fly across the arena.
    "If you think that you will find out more about me through battle, you are utterly correct. Of course, I doubt you will last longer than 2 minutes against me!"
  • Hans throws up from stress
  • what if we dont have Flavor Text. Do we still get points for conversation outside of it.
  • Bafae starts quoting "Friends"
    "So no one told you life was gonna be this way..."
  • While twirling a dagger
  • @DoctorFro I don't know, as in I didn't make up the rules, but I'm fairly certain that yeah!

    Also, please don't make this a running joke. I am so sorry for that pun, and I don't want this to go viral. Please
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    "Then we shall see it." Neerayne's expression became serious.

    'What does he mean by that? A sort of curse? It could be just a taunt. But better play safe than sorry. Hope 'that' particular power the Dark Goddess bestowed to me is enough to do it instead of outright kill him, if I even can get close to him.' Something was nagged her mind like a parasite. She wasn't a wizard. And she didn't really know if it really worked. She did try it in the past to some of her adversaries, and the result was pretty varied.

    'Meddling with the minds is always weird.' She thought. One day, she tried her 'dark touch' power to a dwarf due to being mining in the territory of her employer. The trick was to touch one's head with her palms, then sending waves of dark mana to the victim's mind, destablizing the victim's memories, or even outright erase them. Due to she wasn't being a wizard and never really use a real spell aside from her other natural powers, that spell was fluctuating wildly, and the dwarf became 'insane' and thrashing wildly around like a wild animal, so she had to outright kill that poor dwarf.

    'What a luck.' She gritted her teeth in her frustation and balled her fist tightly.
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    A number of contestants strode in. Mishra's eyes were totally focused, as if unable to turn in his sockets.

    "All I ask is total and unwavering silence." Mishra spoke softly as he continued construction of his fifth Assembly-Worker; four others stood by. The careless discussion of the contestants continued without changing a decibel.
    "Perhaps you didn't hear me" Mishra continued only a fraction louder without looking away from his project "I said, 'Be Quiet.'" With these last to words the finished Assembly-Workers appeared to shake as there eyes shone bright in the dim light of the room. Silence reigned momentarily.
    Mishra spoke again in a disgusted and wholly unconcerned tone "I appreciate that the chatter has concluded, but I am keenly aware of the many pairs of eyes at my back and my work. I suggest you all leave." The Assembly-Workers, as one, moved toward the door. The contestants were obliged to do the same. Mishra, they concluded, was better left alone.
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    Jahanacicus pondered. Mishra - a genius. He did not possess ethereal knowledge, such as himself, but he knew too much about the logical laws of both worlds. When Mishra's drones ordered the challengers to leave the room, Jahanacicus was the only one with mind magic strong enougn to resist their psychic command. But he still left, to avoid suspicion. He could be facing off against this mind-mage in a future round.
  • "Huh, what just happened?"...
    Did that little...!
    *Twirls dagger and whistling, while lifting jewelry off of citizens* (If we are commonfolk)

    (Nobody notices her prepare some potions of sort...for future if Bafae continues in the tournament this could be relevant)
  • Are around commonfolk oops
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    Two Assembly-Workers exit their creator's workroom and march off down the street. They are followed by many pairs of watchful eyes as they purposefully continue at their very deliberate pace.

    The thoughts from those behind aren't said aloud:
    "Where are they off to?"
    "What purpose have these machines?"
    "Does that Mishra think these clanking scraps will go unnoticed?"
    "Those constructs would fetch a fair price."
    "I wouldn't want to wrangle with those metal-men."
    "Well that's curious."

    Had the thoughts of the watchers been stated aloud, the Assembly-Workers would've taken no notice. As it was, they went on a winding, yet direct, route through the city. Their stride was unchanging though not so fast that the watchers couldn't keep up if they chose. Some did. These constructs had a job to do it would seem...
  • @DoctorFro your champions are not prisoners so they can move freely in the city. Only limitation to this free movement is that you are constantly in company of at least one watchman.
    Also: About the flavor text thing. don't worry too much about the small details. The judging is made very similar to how they are made in ordinary contests.
    One small difference is the mechanical contrast to the opponents.
    The large difference is the biography and conversations.

    However that is just the details.
    If you make an in general good card and write some minor dialogue and/or biography to give him/her a personality, it is fine by me.
    Anything additional is just smooth polish.
  • A message is delivered by one of Clementia's soldiers.

    "Prototype R5-T1 and Corscine, the first match begins in two hours. Make sure to be in the arena by then. If you have any preperations to make, now is the time."
  • @Jonteman93 thanks for the clarifaction
    You will never know my true secrets
  • Leandra wanders about the city, trying not to draw too much attention, and taking her sweet time browsing the various shops. Her foreign attire draws several strange looks, along with the lantern she carried along with her, but nothing much other than that. There's an occasional whisper of the rumor that she's a competitor for the arena, or perhaps a foreign ambassador, but little more than that.
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