Looking for some long-term assistance!

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As some of you may know, I have committed to re-smithing some of my older cards. However, they have been purged (by me), and have been sitting in a OneDrive folder for who knows how long, and dragged down by academic work and other personal issues, I have been unable to recreate them.

This discussion is dedicated to what I hope is honest feedback on improving many of the cards that are in the folder, because many of the cards have their own problems besides needing border fixes and text reworking. In addition, I don't mind if a card in the folder is fodder for thought or new ideas, but please credit accordingly. Don't shamelessly claim credit for an idea you did not create yourself.

OneDrive link :

Edit : For some reason, everything in the folder is dated 1 Jan. Huh.


  • Will do, just need to check which cards you removed. As some I haven't seen.
  • I've also noticed how difficult opening mass files with Onedrive is.

    Will post a batch of a few changed cards later today, going in reverse alphabetical order since that first card seems like it would need a complete change.
  • @modnation675
    I have a Dropbox, would you prefer that? I don't have G-Drive as of yet.

    I digress, but yeah, the first one was a really cool idea with terrible execution. I just keep it because I liked the general idea behind and didn't want to leave it alone and forget about it later. Emblems with a source other than planeswalkers have interested me for a while.
  • @Damnation
    In the process of making a document with which cards would be easier to re-vamp and which would lose some identity in the process.

  • @modnation675
    Mind sharing the doc when you're finished? I'd appreciate it, not to mention I'm curious which cards you've decided would lose some of their identity, because I'm almost sure myself that plenty of them need serious changes. A lot of the Disqus comments before the HTTPS change noted that some of the cards had serious problems, which I failed to address at the time.
  • I'll post a link for sure. But I'll have to wait until tomorrow to have the full list up.
  • @Damnation
    Just tell me when you're ready to start with revamping your collection. I'll gift you premium when you have the time.

    That way you can re-make them proper. :)


    The change list scale will be posted later this evening.
  • @modnation
    Alright, I'll send you a private message when I compile all the necessary art.
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    By the way, the change list scale doesn't include minor wording fixes. So all the cards could be done if you want.
  • Sorry for forgetting about this thread. It's a bad habit when threads aren't bumped every now and then.
  • how often?
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    Usually when a thread hasn't been bumped for a week.

    But for active contests I encourage daily or bi-daily.
  • @modnation675 - I know, I was trying to be sneaky and bump it!
  • Bump (being super sneaky here)
  • Sorry I haven't been active much this month, everyone. I've been tied down by school and driving lessons (which irritate me to no end), and searching for a job for summer break, as well as studying for my upcoming ACTs. I'm also cleaning out my OneDrive, Dropbox, and USBs, so I've moved the images over to Dropbox for now.

  • @Damnation

    Thanks for reminding me that I should be studying for the SAT!
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    I will start recreating some of the less broken or fix-needing cards from my Dropbox. Just as there are many cards that need fixing or small adjustments, there are just as many that are perfectly fine as they are, so they can just be remade in a matter of minutes. This update is so you know that I haven't completely forgotten about my pet project. (Which I totally did.)
  • @modnation675
    I know you guys went through the effort to craft a change list for the cards in the Dropbox folder, but I think you can hold off on it for the time being, and forget about gifting me premium for the task at hand. I don't think I'll be able to complete this project now, so I'm fine with slowly pacing myself through it by myself and gradual user feedback. I'm going through some things in real life I'd rather not speak of so I don't think the premium will be of much use anymore.

    Anyhow, for those wondering, the first batch of remakes, mostly the ones who didn't need much editing. Kalaihn might be the only exception since I just remembered it and the original was from way back before I first created the OneDrive/Dropbox folder.

    imageimage imageimageimage
  • @Damnation
    No worries, life stuff happens. As long as you're doing okay, I'm fine.
  • This is Mercy from the other account.
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