How did that get there? [Contest]

Let's find some interesting ways to play cards without actually casting them from your hand! Cards like Maelstrom Wanderer and Sunbird's Invocation let you pull random cards from your deck and put them directly into play. This contest is about finding similar ways to "cheat" out permanents or spells in nonconventional ways.

Cards can be Funny/Unglued like

or actual cards like

Feel free to either make your own mechanics or use pre-existing ones like Cascade or Transfigure, whichever suits you.

This contest will close Sunday, Feb. 4 (2 weeks from now), and you may submit up to 3 entries (old and new cards are both allowed). Entries may be changed at any time before Feb. 4. Winners will receive:
1st place: 4 favorites of their choice
2nd place: 3 favorites of their choice
3rd place: 2 favorites of their choice
Honorable Mentions (up to 3 if enough people contribute to the contest): 1 favorite of their choice


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