Ravnica's Legacy - Hunt for Yehanium

Ok, so this is the backstory you need to know for this:

Azorius Senate discovered Yehanium, a mineral that can be used to make any type of superweapon. But the Azorius, being a "peaceful" and lawful guild, rejected it, and locked it up in a secret dungeon. Of course, it was only supposed to be secret. In reality, spies delivered the news to 3 particular people - Guildmasters of House Dimir, Selenya Conclave and Izzet League. And there was no sharing it either, that's not how the 10 guilds do. The guilds quickly gathered allies and the following armies looked like this:

Shadow Alliance - Dimir, Simic, Golgari

Noble Alliance - Selesnya, Boros, Izzet

Power Alliance - Rakdos, Orzhov, Gruul

That's where you come in: Each week I will present you with a dungeon master, a guard of this level of the dungeon. Each week you will invent cards for one of the alliances (that you keep consistent each time), 3 entries max each week. The winner alliance of each week will get exclusive acces to a mechanic I make up to use in your cards (WARNING: Cards from other alliances that try use this mechanic will be DISQUALIFIED, regardless of how good they are!). I will declare the week before the final when I think you've had enough challenges. At the end of the week before the last, I will ELIMINATE one of the alliances, leaving only 2 to compete in the final week! The winners of that week? They will get at least 50% their entries favorited, and the especially good cardsmiths will get a follow!

I designate this week to asking questions and diving supporting feedback. Monday, 29th of January, the game is ON!

Have fun!

-Your fellow cardsmith


  • Sorry, typo, giving supportive feedback.
  • As a heads up to all, here’s how the alliance colors add up:

    Shadow Alliance - UBG

    Noble Alliance - WURG

    Power Alliance - WBRG
  • You arrive at the edge of a barren wasteland. No other explorers dared to venture there yet. But you must cross it to gain the Azorius treasure.

    Next monday, approximately on this time, I will say who won the round, and who gets to use the new ability I made up!

    Let the first round begin!
  • I will join this later but just one thing.
    Wouldn't it be more logical if Simic was in the power alliance and Orzhov was in the shadow alliance? just a thought.
  • I admit, I made the shadow alliances of 3 of my favorite guilds that have not much to do with each other. But I think simic is better of moved into the noble alliance. But that causes a lot of shenanigans.

    So, to clarify, now this is:

    Shadow - Orzhov, Dimir, Golgari - WUBG

    Noble - Izzet, Simic, Selesnya - WURG

    Power - Rakdos, Gruul, Boros - WBRG
  • Cool Idea! This will be a real fun contest!
  • Ok, can we start doing cards now? Monday seems like it's far away, but it's not!
  • The Golgari bring ways to safely traverse this wasteland using their extensive knowledge of lands!

  • Winner so far: Shadow alliance (cause they are the only ones that have cards)

    Other guilds: Come on!
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    I believe the power guild could use some help from these mercs even if they are rival companies just give the word and they'll assist in anyway they can (even if it is dirty fighting)
    @HeroKP what ya think 'bout these mercs?
    Sullivan O'Riley, Irish Merc Connor Murphy, Irish MercenaryDaniel Murphy, Irish MercenaryBalag Trollspear, Dwarven MercWerad Ogrecrusher,Dwarven Merc
  • Sorry, most of these cards are way OP. But that second one caught my eye! I will consider that one in my judging. BTW, skeletons are really great when exploring wastelands, so that is a solid boost to the power alliance.
  • I have a rule modificiation! The Runner-up each week will be allowed to use the new mechanic I introduce, but only *ONCE*
  • Ok so my skeleton got your attention so you're judging that one?
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    Sorry, he doesn't have a watermark, but he is somewhat designed around the card Lightning Helix. INTRODUCING: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/arrin-the-firetamer-1
    EDIT: fixed card a little, more true-to-MTG.
  • I keep trying to post him in challenges, but the last one I tried, I literally posted him less than a half an hour after the gates closed.
  • Taking the side of Power!




    As the Guilds that are about power and action, less so about thought, it makes sense that they would be so eager to just take off across the expanse at a full hell-on-wheels sprint.
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    The hell-hound tracker... Yeah. It is quite a bit of a mana mess.

    But the other 2 cards are GREAT! This is literally overly awesome!

    Cards I consider so far:

    Shadow: Golgari Rot Borrower, Rise from Decay

    Power: (Connor Murphy, Irish Mercenary), Hellbent Chariot, Gruul Sprinter, Arin the Firetamer
    Looks like the tables be a-turning!

    We'll just have to wait till monday to see which sides crosses the wasteland first!
  • And the winner is...

    Power alliance!

    The runner up is Shadow alliance.

    Noble alliance failed miserably.

    The first group gets to inquire into the wasteland, and seek its origin. They now have the exclusive ability to use this ability:

    Nihilistic (Cards put into the graveyard by this permanent are put into exile instead)

    Shadow alliance also have the right to use this ability, but only once!

    Any card not following the "ability copyright" WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

    The next part of the journey takes place in a seemingly innocent-looking forest. But the Azorius plan their designs carefully, so the grove is bound to be full of traps.
  • image
    Since there may be traps all around, having a small elusive flying creature could be useful

    Surviving to an old age in a Gruul clan must mean that you're pretty knowledgeable about survival, so this Shaman will likely be a great assistance. (this card is a play off of Master of Cruelties)

    If there are traps, which in the world of magic would likely mean a magic trap, having a spell like this handy would be crucial.
  • Akimasa, The Undead Shogun And Undead shogun possibly used to traps and or ambushes with his personal Samurai who still serves him in death. Akihiko Nakamura, The Fallen
  • Thanks for all entries! I want to clarify - you CAN make cards for different alliances.
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