Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Four - **Circuit Challenge**



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    Sorry, but ran out of space for the Grave Ninjutsu reminder text, let alone flavour text. Meant to illustrate how the afterlife (if it exists) is just a great big lottery. Entry 3.
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  • @TenebrisNemo I think that's a cool design, but what does teleport add to the card? Is there to stop the Devotee from dying after it has been blocked?
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    I don't have alot to say about this card, other than Ninja Spirits are super cool.

    I went with more of a top-down approach with this card. I wanted to make a wizard who teleported past a player's blockers to attack them directly. It has {t} as part of the cost so that you can't attack with it and block with it in the same turn cycle.

    So originally I was going to try and make cards for every mechanic, but I just couldn't come up with any designs that I liked for Relicbind, Immunity, Counterattack, or Zazen. It's not that I dislike those mechanics or anything, but I just had very few ideas that were anywhere close to good.

    Instead, I decided to go with a deep-dive on the Recycling mechanic. I really enjoyed how my previous Recycling card, Solar Channel had a sort of "going green" theme to it. I thought it would be interesting to create an entire world out of it.

    Welcome to Reclaimem!
    The Recyling Plant is the home of all religion of Reclaimem. The world's powerful recycling and enviromancy magic all sprout from here.

    Poltergeists are the spirits of ancient creatures whose bodies were crushed in an ancient age and turned to oil. Oil would eventually be milled into plastic. When a plastic item is no longer useful, it is recycled. The recycling process frees the spirits, who were angered at how their bodies were desecrated and turned into Tupperware...

    I wanted to make a card that cared about recycling kind of like how Drake Haven cares about cycling and discarding. I made the Poltergeist care about exiling cards from graveyards as well as recycling to give it some added versatility.
  • @KrampisZman: nice Scornful Egotist reference.
  • Only ONE MORE DAY!!!
  • @KalamMekhar I don't seem to remember referencing Scornful Egotist. To what are you referring?
  • @KrampisZman: the flavour text on Spectral Shinobi
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    @KalamMekhar I knew that sounded familiar!
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    A sideways approach to teleport (when I saw the art, I had a feeling it had to be a leyline). A side note: the misspelling 'creature' as opposed to 'creatures' is deliberate and was done to prevent the {2} from going to the next line, which looked unsightly. If anyone can help me format the card better in a way that doesn't involve misspelling anything, I'd be very grateful.
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    Sorta wanted to show how the snake-like skin of theirs is what keeps them youthful forever. More info on card page.
  • Alright, we are now closed for judging! Thanks to all for their entries!
  • We have our winners!!!!

    The top card for each of the Mechanix...

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    Honorable Mentions

    Ambush from the Netherworld by @Tomigon - Great artwork and a fun card that could turn any black deck into a Ninja Deck!

    Doomed Vassal by @Animist - Recycle had the most entries and this one was a lot of fun from the top down. Very nice!

    Third Place
    Nadi and Mira, Scale Sisters by @KalamMekhar
    I love this card. The art is dazzling, and the flavor is really cool. A really great use of Immunity from one of our newcomers!

    Second Place
    The Recycling Plant by @KrampisZman
    Recycle turned out to be the most liked of the twelve mechanics, and you guys all had fun with it. A couple of cards drew my attention, but this one had it all, and it felt the most like a card you would get out of a booster pack

    First Place
    Genie of Nightmares by @Jonteman93
    I really wanted to say something brilliant about this card, but I'll let the words of another say it for me... :The coolest part about this is that you will have to feel this card's pain before passing it off to someone else. Awesome concept." - AustinSmith

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  • You know, @Corwinnn, I was almost not going to submit that one. Very much last minute. Good thing I did! Congrats to all other winners and HMs and best-ofs for each mechanic!
  • @Corwinnn Thank you so much!

    Congrats to the other @Winners and @Mentionables!
  • I bow to you @Corwinn as I thank you for my first 1st place. wohoo!

    Congrats everyone!
    Btw. is anyone in need of a genie?
  • @Jonteman93 No thanks, I am on a strict genie-free diet.
  • I'm really enthused that recycling was such a popular mechanic for this challenge! Thanks to everybody for participating! :D
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