Custom Set- Laryk

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A world of struggle, desperation, and hope. Two Gods battle against the old guild leaders of the Azorious and the selesnya.


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    How did the Azorius and Selesnya get to Laryk?
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    Azor and my fan made one Nya were planeswalkers and left ravnica, then both of lost their spark for one reason or another.
  • I have been busy and will upload all the set info soon.
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    Aggro- Suicide
    Relies heavily on getting in lots of damage very early on, the more damage your opponent has taken the better. As the Painful mechanic makes this even more effective.

    Combo Control- Prison
    The more you have, and the less they have the better. This really comes into effect with the Worship mechanic. Which makes all your creatures stronger.

    Control-Alternate win condition
    Prefers to win in ways other than reducing your opponent's life total to 0, not combo based. The Learn mechanic lets this happen much faster.

    Midrange-Survival matters
    Wants its own creatures to take damage but not die with the Survive mechanic, gaining life, and tokens are also important.
  • Mechanics

    Painful-When ____ enters the battlefield (effect) if your opponent took damage this turn.

    Worship-Cost:sacrifice this creature, the creature you control with the highest power (effect)(Not quite sure about the wording)

    Learn-When this creature enters the battlefield, if you drew more than one card this turn (effect)

    Survive-When this creature enters the battlefield, if a creature you control took damage this turn (effect)

    And more to come.
  • Almost all elements of this can be changed and I am open to suggestions
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