The Owls Are Gathering

This contest is all about owls. Before I got with my wife, my wife's daughter was adopted out, and her daughter's nursery was decorated in owls. Her daughter's birthday is near, so this contest was made to honor her and lift my wife's spirits. Here is the rules:

1. You can make 5 entries or less.
2. The creature must be at least a bird creature type. Only creature cards please.
3. No mtg art. Please find art not used on mtg cards, and, if possible, credit the artists name (it's not necessary, but will help in winning the contest).
4. You can be funny with the cards, but keep that for the flavor text please.
5. Only new cards are allowed to be entered.
6. Cards can have custom abilities or already existing mtg abilities. Be balanced, but as creative as you wish!
7. You can use art already used on another entries Owl if need be, but it's suggested that you find different artwork (that's part of the challenge).
8. This contest will end March 5th at 8 p.m. USA eastern standard time.

Here is the prizes:
3rd place: I will favorite your entry and 2 favorites of your choice.

2nd place: I will favorite your entry and 3 favorites of your choice.

1st place: I will favorite your entry and 4 favorites of your choice and a follow. If i'm already following you then i'll give you 5 favorites of your choice instead. And...

Additionally, a trophy card will be made for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! It will feature their cardsmith names on the card and will be in the Trophy account.

I will announce the winners and when they get their prize(s) on this discussion/contest.

There will be 3 honorable mentions as well. For each honorable mention, I will give your owl a favorite and favorite 1 card of your choice!

For each entry that gets an honorable mention or if you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, just post a link to the card you would like favored on this contest here.

Here is an example of what i'm looking for:

Thanks again to all who have checked this contest out and remember, happy cardsmithing!


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