Contest: Meet the Forbingers

Hi folks!

I love cycles. I like to see multiple twists on the same theme, to see all the different ways they can be expressed. Today my challenge for you is based around two cycles, one from a decade ago, the other appearing in the latest set: the Harbingers and the Forerunners.


That's right, this challenge is also Tribal! Show me your best tribal tutor dudes!

Here are your rules:
1. Cards must be creatures (or become creatures).
2. Cards must help you get a card of a specific creature type.
3. The card name must include a word like Harbinger, Forerunner, Forebear, or some other terms that indicates that they're the first of many. Break out your thesauruses!
4. Three entries, maximum.
BONUS: It's not required, but I love cards that synergize well, so if your creature has a secondary ability that plays well with the tribe in question, that's a definite plus for judging.

First place- Four favorites, available on request.
Second place- Three favorites.
Third place- Two favorites.
Honorable Mentions- A fave for your submission.

Judging shall be in roughly two weeks, depending on my schedule. We'll aim for February 11 or so. Criteria shall be flavor, creativity, synergy, balance, grammar, i.e. the usual things.

Pre-emptive FAQ answers:
-Yes, your creature can be a different type than the tribe it tutors for, as long as the flavor for that makes sense. See Forerunner of the Empire for a good example.
-Yes, you can break the tutoring format established by the official cards. Putting the card into your hand instead of on top of your library is fine. So is searching other zones like exile or the graveyard instead of the library.
-Yes, you can make the card a rarity besides uncommon. All power levels are welcome.
-Yes, you can make a Forbinger for your own custom tribe. You should probably link me to some of those cards though, if you want me to get the full effect of flavor and synergy, if applicable.
-If you're trying to evoke a specific sub-group of a tribe (e.g. Ixalan Vampires as opposed to Innistrad Vampires), just let me know and I'll take it into consideration when judging.

Have fun, and happy cardsmithing!


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